Christopher Reinking Stuart

Who is Christopher Reinking Stuart?

Christopher Reinking Stuart is a well known celebrity child. He is the son James Stuart and Ann Reinking. Ann Reinking was a multi-talented actress, dancer, and actor. Although his mother passed away in 1991, his father never lost faith in him. He is currently working with Marfan Foundation to raise awareness about Marfan syndrome. Before he became a celebrity, he was an avid basketball player. Some of his friends have speculated that he was destined for the game.

The star was born in 1990. He will be 30 years old in 2020. Ann Reinking, an actress and choreographer, is his mother. Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects different body organs. His mother died on December 12, 2020. As a child, Christopher was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, and his mother supported him through school and other activities. Christopher Reinking Stuart completed his High School and University education.

After his father’s death, Reinking moved to New York City and studied at the Joffrey Ballet. He made his Broadway debut in Cabaret in 1969. His dancing style was greatly influenced by his relationship with Broadway legend Bob Fosse in the early 1970s. He carried on Fosse’s signature jazz motif and made the “raising the roof” dance move popular. He is also the founder and director of Broadway Theater Project, which connects artists to professionals.

His life was full with highs and lows but his career remained steady. He became a choreographer, and he performed in many musicals, including “Chicago,” in which he played Roxie Hart. He also starred as a dancer in “Roxy” in the Broadway production of the musical. Christopher Reinking Stuart was also an actor. He choreographed the 1997 Chicago revival. His choreography was highly acclaimed, and his choreography skills were praised in both versions.

He later married a businessman and founded a summer theater program in Florida. He was also involved in stage productions of “Chicago,” which he performed around the world. Reinking was a divorcée man from three previous marriages. He has a son from his third marriage and six siblings. He also produced two documentaries on Marfan syndrome and taught master classes across the country. Christopher Reinking Stuart was a talented artist of his time.

Born in Seattle, Washington, Reinking began his career at age 11 and was hired by Robert Joffrey as a dancer. After graduating from high school, Reinking moved to New York City where he worked on Chicago The Musical. He worked later with other companies, such as Viennese, Australia, and London. He co-founded the Broadway Theatre Project in the 1990s as a training ground for young actors. McWaters also enjoys teaching master classes throughout the country. He is often a teacher at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

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