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Funny Vine Creator – Cody Ko

If you are a fan of Vine, you should definitely check out Cody Ko’s vines. The 31-year old creator is a prolific producer and distributor of relatable, funny content. His vines will make you laugh with his two YouTube channels and large social media following. This young creator is incredibly funny, and has earned himself 5.8 million YouTube subscribers, and plenty of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Cody Ko has also starred in a series called The Real Bros of Simi Valley and was co-starred in a movie called American Vandal. Ko hosts podcasts and occasionally performs absolute bangers. His age is not often mentioned on his vines. Cody Ko is also a comedian for YouTube and other websites.

Ko has a successful music career as well as a successful career on Vine. In 2017, Ko and Noel Miller began releasing music under the Tiny Meat Gang name. However, Ko and Miller didn’t take their music career seriously until producer Diamond Pistols reached out to them. They used Auto-Tune to record his songs, but they ran into issues when trying to shoot videos without it.

The collaboration between Ko and Miller has been a huge success. Ko and Miller also collaborated on “That’s Cringe,” a series that mocks YouTube star Jake Paul, Russ, Double Take, and Russ. This collaboration has helped Ko to expand his brand beyond Vine. He’s a great comedian, and will continue to make a big impact on YouTube. The only thing he needs is a bigger fanbase.

Ko declined to disclose the exact income from his YouTube videos. However, his Patreon account Tiny Meat Gang has 17,980 Patrons and generates around $85,000 per month. Among his recent sponsors are Credit Karma, Bud Light, and Honey. Ko bought a $3.8million home in Los Angeles last year. It is no secret that his background in software engineering made the learning curve easier.

Cody Ko became a viral sensation when he started posting Vine videos in 2013. These short videos became so popular that the hashtag #6secondauditions was created. Ko had over 2.5 million followers before the platform was shut down. One of his viral videos was #6secondauditions. It featured Ko auditioning to play Mary Poppins. This viral video received more than six million views.

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