Coffee Dyed Air Force 1

How to Create a Coffee Dyed Air Force One

The new colorway, the coffee-dyed Air Force One, is now available in Nike’s footwear collection. The upper features cream and hazel tones with contrast chocolate accents. The sneaker features a coffee-themed insole with a cat illustration and speckles of coffee grounds. Nike will soon have the coffee-dyed Air Force 1 available.

It is easy: soak your soles in coffee and let them sit for 5-10 minutes. After removing any coffee, wipe them clean. Although the color will not fade once it reaches saturation, the result will still be distinctive. To get the best results, repeat the process every day for several weeks. If the color fades, don’t worry, the soles will still look amazing.

Dark roast coffee will give you a darker shade of tan. Medium-roast coffee will give you a lighter shade of tan. The best way to ensure the color stays the way it is intended is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. After applying the coffee dye, make sure you thoroughly clean the shoe’s insoles and heel. Dry it. That’s it!

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