Collis Temple III Net Worth

Collis Temple excelled as a high school student, excelling at both football and basketball as well as track and field events such as long jump and javelin throw competitions. Additionally, he competed on his school’s track and field team where he competed in long jump and javelin throw events.

He and his wife Kelli enjoy traveling together as well as watching their daughter play volleyball at University Laboratory School and son Garrett compete for the NBA Memphis Grizzlies. Many of his sporting skills transfer over to his business ventures.

Early Life and Education

Collis Temple was raised in Kentwood, Louisiana by his single mother and father and has two younger brothers, Elliott and Garrett. Both his parents stressed the importance of education and hard work – Collis was an accomplished three-sport athlete in high school playing quarterback in football and basketball while competing in long jump and javelin throw in track and field.

Temple was actively recruited in both sports, visiting schools such as Kansas, Colorado and Houston before meeting LSU Coach Press Maravich to make his decision and become its inaugural African American major sport scholarship athlete.

He graduated with his Master’s from LSU and went on to launch several business ventures in real estate and construction industries. Additionally, he founded a non-profit organization which now houses over 5000 individuals living with challenges or disabilities.

Professional Career

Temple was disappointed to experience an early injury which derailed his NBA dreams; but was undeterred in building a successful business using lessons learned on the court. Now serving as National Sales Director for Primerica and recruiting and training agents.

At his core is real estate ownership and development of a non-profit organization to assist youths in foster care as well as those with disabilities or challenges. Alongside his wife Kelli (a judge), they enjoy watching their daughters compete in basketball, football and volleyball while traveling and attending Memphis Grizzlies games together.

Temple is an esteemed celebrity who has made an enormous difference in many lives around the globe, attributing his success to hard work and sound judgment.

Achievement and Honors

Collis Temple is a well-known celebrity who has amassed quite a following. A strong advocate of humanity, Collis has earned several degrees to further his mission while making tremendous strides professionally as well.

He started as a 3-year starter on LSU basketball team and currently ranks eighth-leading rebounder in school history. Additionally, during his career he received both SEC team honors and academic All-American recognition.

As well as his basketball career, he was also an accomplished track and field athlete, winning state championships in long jump and javelin throw while attending O.W. Dillon High School in Kentwood, Louisiana. Additionally, he joined 4-H Club where he raised show calves and hogs as extra-curricular activity.

Personal Life

Temple was known for his strong work ethic and fierce competitive spirit in class, sports, and business. Today he serves as a national sales director for Primerica with an equally successful agency in Baton Rouge. Together with Kelli (a Baton Rouge judge), they enjoy traveling together while watching Colleen play basketball at Howard University Laboratory School and attending NBA Memphis Grizzlies games.

He is immensely proud of the legacy he left at LSU, and was particularly honored to receive Mr. Louisiana Basketball this year. Grateful for the opportunities his parents provided him, he hopes that through his work people can achieve their goals and dreams more easily. Furthermore, he enjoys working alongside teammates as a mentor coach as well as playing and mentoring young players – serving as an inspirational role model to kids everywhere!

Net Worth

Collis Temple Iii has become an internationally acclaimed sports figure thanks to his hard work. As one of his goals was achieved and recognition earned in sports circles; moreover, Collis received various honors for his contributions towards humanity.

He is also a dedicated family man, having three children: Elliott Temple is an NBA player for the Los Angeles Clippers; Colleen is playing basketball at LSU; while younger sister Colleen Noelle competes in volleyball at Howard University.

Temple has amassed an estimated net worth of $12 Million through his career in the NBA as well as numerous endorsement deals.

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