Cormella Thomas

Cormella Thomas, 30, Was Shot To Death Along An Interstate Last Week

Cormella Thomas was found murdered along an interstate in Clayton County and her friends and family have set up an online fundraising effort for her three children – hospice care worker, mobile bartending entrepreneur and mobile bartending business owner Andrew Gibson fears it looks just like Thomas in police sketches released.

Early Life and Education

Cormella Thomas grew up as part of a military family, moving around the world as her father served in the U.S. Navy. She graduated from Bethel High School in Virginia before attending university at University of Mary Washington – she has both blood siblings as well as three step siblings.

She has taught special education in Long Island, New York for 26 years. During this time she has served on both district PDP committee and two APPR committees as well as curriculum development teams and conferences.

Andrew Gibson had known 30-year-old Thomas for six years when he saw her police sketch. It left him reeling; “When they showed that picture it took my breath away; she was such a sweet person; this should never have happened. She was shot multiple times.”

Professional Career

Carmella serves as President and Co-Trustee of SCK Enterprise LLC and Dudley Investments Limited as well as Co-Trustee of Steven C. Kletjian Trust. Her professional life is marked by participation in character education programs, curriculum development projects and committee membership – specifically with PDP Committee, ENL: Part 154 Committee, CTE Committee and High School DASA Committee membership.

Family and friends gathered Saturday in Clayton County to remember Cormella “Missy” Thomas, who was found shot to death along a highway last Sunday. A mother of three, Missy enjoyed music and dancing but always prioritized caring for her kids first. Missy leaves an impressive legacy as director of Membership Development Department as well as being an international representative of UNITE HERE Union Local 1. She was known to empower those around her, leaving a longstanding organizational legacy of long organizing campaigns behind.

Achievement and Honors

At Emory, Thomas sought to make others feel seen. She participated in Emory Reads and Project Shine – programs which serve refugee, immigrant and new American communities – before serving as Arts & Entertainment Editor of Emory Wheel newspaper; this role allowed her to recruit underrepresented writers while covering events often overlooked by traditional news coverage. Thomas also founded LunaFest: an on-campus film festival exclusively featuring black women filmmakers which she hosted and broadcast live online.

She wrote her undergraduate thesis on how politically turbulent times inspire satirical humor across time periods and platforms ranging from 18th-century periodicals to “Saturday Night Live.” Through this research, she demonstrated her ability to apply scholarly ideas directly to real-life issues. For her efforts she was awarded both the Bobby Jones Scholar award as well as the Msgr. Thomas Reardon award, given annually to students who improve most during law school studies.

Personal Life

Cormella “Missy” Thomas was a hospice care worker and mobile bartending entrepreneur with a passion for music and dancing who loved friends and family alike. Her body was discovered shot to death near Clayton County last week; friends have set up a GoFundMe account in her name in Clayton County to cover funeral costs as well as her three children’s needs. Andrew Gibson said of the 30-year-old mother of three she was known for being “outgoing, loved her children”, though authorities still do not know of her attackers despite Atlanta being within Atlanta city limits – although police do not have made public statements regarding suspects being identified or anyone having come forward with information as to who may have done anything criminal against Cormella Thomas or anyone involved.

Net Worth

Camella Rose (Cormella Thomas), has made quite the mark in fashion industry. Born and raised in Lake Arrowhead, California she attended Rim of the World High School before signing with Wilhelmina International Inc as well as No Ties Management M1M Entertainment, and Elite Model Management agencies for representation.

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