Cory Wharton And Taylor Selfridge

Taylor Selfridge and Cory Wharton Welcome Their Second Child

Taylor Selfridge and Cory Wharton welcomed their second child on June 1. The couple announced the news on their Instagram account. The couple named their daughter Maya Grace Wharton, and they’ve been busy updating their fans about the little girl’s progress. The couple revealed that Maya Grace had tricuspid atresia at birth and is currently in recovery.

The couple met on the Ex on the Beach show and briefly dated. While their relationship initially ended in a breakup, they reunited one year later, and announced their pregnancy in October. The couple’s relationship was marked by many dramas, and the couple has since shared their relationship struggles and triumphs. In addition to their current relationship, the couple’s ex Cheyenne Floyd has a five-year-old daughter, Ryder.

The couple shared a touching video to their followers after Maya Grace’s birth. The couple explains why they haven’t shared the news with their followers until now and thanks them for their prayers and messages. Although Taylor and Cory didn’t have the expected outcome, they are grateful for all their fans’ support and love. They also shared the news that Maya Grace was born with a rare condition called tricuspid Atresia. This affects the tricuspid, which is responsible for pumping blood between the heart & the lungs.

Mila, the couple’s first child, is already two years. Cory Wharton is also father to Ryder, five-year-old, and Mila, two-years-old. The MTV couple have two children together. They are expected to have their third child in April/May. Despite the recent news, the couple’s life has been a blur since the couple announced the pregnancy. The couple is still celebrating the joy of the new baby.

Although the couple had split up before Teen Mom OG aired, Taylor and Cory got back together and welcomed a daughter, Mila Mae, in April 2020. Cory also shares four-year-old Ryder with his ex Cheyenne Floyd. Taylor and Cory are thrilled to be parents, despite their turbulent relationship. Their excitement for their second child is evident.

The couple’s pregnancy is proving to be a difficult time for the entire family, but the couple is trying to remain positive. The new parents are also trying to show Maya all the love she deserves while she’s in the NICU. Fans can catch up on the latest episodes of the reality TV show on Philo. They can also catch up on past episodes of “Teen Mom” on their channel.

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