Crocs Rainbow

Crocs Rainbow Jibbitz Charms

Crocs Rainbow Jibbitz charms are colorful charms that attach on to your Crocs(tm). The charms, which are rainbow-colored, snap into place and enhance the vibrancy of your footwear. Whether it’s a birthday or a holiday gift, a pair of these colorful charms will surely delight the recipient. Crocs are named for crocodiles because they are versatile and can thrive in many environments.

Since the start of the company in 2002, Crocs has been known for its buzzy collaborations with high-end labels and celebrities. Crocs released rainbow-adorned Crocs clothing this year in celebration of Pride Month. Besides Crocs, many other brands, including Nike, Ugg, Banana Republic, and Dr. Martens, have also come up with unique designs for the celebration. The newest addition to Crocs’ rainbow shoe collection is the Rainbow Clog, a fun-filled sandal featuring the famous rainbow stripes.

Crocs Rainbow tees are 100% waterproof and comfortable for your feet, unlike other brands. These shoes are waterproof thanks to lightweight foam cushioning. The t-shirt is available in a variety of sizes, including XS-XL. You can also choose between a slim-fit and a v-neckline. As an added bonus, the t-shirt features a special pocket for a Jibbitz charm.

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