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Olives should be thoroughly washed before being ground into oil, to remove any dirt, leaves, twigs or stones that might damage extraction equipment during processing.

Place cheesecloth over the strainer cover, and rest a wooden block or similar weight on it, to perform malaxing – this technique encourages smaller beads of olive mush to join together into larger ones for faster processing.

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As soon as olives reach peak ripeness, they’re harvested quickly and crushed under ideal milling conditions within hours – this ensures an abundance of polyphenols that give olive oil its distinct flavors of fig leaves, herbs, green almonds and banana.

To extract pits, a malaxer machine was employed to knead and separate solids from water and oil mixture, followed by centrifugation to force out oil while discarding solids and pits from solidification process. A final performance ex-post evaluation was then conducted using qualitative interviews, focus groups, quantitative surveys with GIE leadership as well as quality tests of olive oil production.

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Crushed Olive is dedicated to exploring all of the sensorial facets of olive oil, from taste and aroma, to cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, flavored olive oils, balsamic vinegar and other specialty options. You can purchase their products both online and from retail locations on Long Island in New York.

GIEs have contributed significantly to cultivating a culture of quality olive farming, raising awareness among farmers regarding harvesting and storage techniques, crushing soon after harvest, and the high value potential of their olives. Unfortunately, their financial sustainability remains limited due to insufficient working capital and access to markets where their olives can consistently be sold.

Put cheesecloth or an unwashed, clean painters’ straining bag over your olive mush. Rest a wooden block or other heavy weight on it to maintain constant pressure on it.

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Crushed Olive is widely recognized for their Cold Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils, having won multiple prestigious international competitions and amassing an impressive collection of health claim certified olive oils.

Hinson returned home after traveling the globe and began caring for the olive trees planted by his grandparents in Sonnino. With his flair for botanicals, Hinson began crushing Meyer lemons alongside olives – creating an entirely new olive oil category in 1995.

This year’s NYIOOC award is especially meaningful, given that family olive groves experienced one of the toughest harvest seasons ever seen in recent history. Di Gaetano believes this award represents recognition that success comes through teamwork: perseverance pays off!

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Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the value of eating more monounsaturated fat (the “good”) to combat coronary heart disease and various forms of cancer, potentially prolonging life and improving quality of life. Olive oil offers delicious health benefits while being delicious to taste buds as well. Enjoying olive oil will definitely satisfy both taste buds and health at once!

Prep three US quarts of olives by soaking them for two days in a salt brine solution, changing out the water twice daily, until fully submerged in salt brine solution. This step is essential in producing delicious olive oil.

This artisanal oil is created using only freshest whole ingredients, including ancient landrace Souri olives and chili peppers from India – simultaneously crushed at an olive mill to produce this one-of-a-kind flavored olive oil. This requires precise agricultural artistry in harvest timing so both crops reach peak flavor simultaneously.

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Olive-flavored oils are produced using the same process as infusing oil, with one key difference: crushed olives (along with whatever fruit or herb is being added for flavoring) are loaded directly into a centrifuge alongside whole olives, and cold pressed in one shot allowing their flavors to merge instantly and naturally.

Orujillo is the term given to the remaining residue from oil extraction that can be used as a biomass energy source and utilized to generate electricity or as boiler fuel.

As with fresh juice, olive oil should be consumed within a short period after its creation; otherwise it starts degrading and providing less health benefits. A product with both low levels of free fatty acid (FFA) and antioxidant content would be preferred in olive oils.

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