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Kurt Loder – The Walter Cronkite of Rock

Kurt Loder played an influential role on MTV during its early decades, acting as Walter Cronkite of rock. Additionally, he contributed articles to Rolling Stone during a tenure he would later consider “legendary”.

Loder is now 75; could he find employment with MTV now?

Early Life and Education

Kurt Loder is an American film critic, columnist and television personality best known for his work as a contributor on MTV News since the 1980s and appearing in other MTV-related television specials. Additionally he was featured as a panelist on Fox News show Red Eye as well as currently hosting SiriusXM radio show True Stories.

He was born and educated at Ocean City High School before being drafted into the U.S. Army Journalism School upon graduation.

Loder has contributed articles to various magazines such as Reason, Esquire and New York Magazine. Additionally, he co-wrote I, Tina with Tina Turner herself. Loder stands 5 ft 9 inches.

Professional Career

Kurt Loder was an indispensable presence on MTV in the late Eighties and Nineties. His calm reporting on everything from Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide to his extensive interviews with Tina Turner (whose autobiography he also co-wrote), received accolades both by fans and peers alike.

He pauses briefly to exhale smoke from a cigarette that he had been smoking during a break between takes before returning to reading copy from the teleprompter that’s mounted above camera behind a dark blue scrim.

Loder began his journalism career with Circus Magazine during the late seventies before making the transition to Rolling Stone Magazine as one of its premier interview writers in 1979, writing the influential book I, Tina as well. Later he moved onto writing film reviews for Reason magazine as well as writing regularly for their website and monthly edition Reason.

Achievement and Honors

Kurt Loder is an esteemed music journalist and television host. Known for his deep knowledge of music and in-depth interviews with famous musicians, Loder has become an essential member of society. Additionally, Loder writes for notable publications like Rolling Stone.

He was best-known as the anchor of MTV News, covering major events in rock culture such as Kurt Cobain’s death. Additionally, he served as a guest panelist on Fox News show Red Eye and wrote screenplays for several films.

Kurt Loder served as an authority figure during MTV’s early days, providing guidance and perspective. On Tuesday, his 75th birthday made many social media users reflect upon his legacy and remember those countless children who watched him as children themselves.

Personal Life

Kurt Loder, the boyish-looking journalist and former Rolling Stone magazine editor who served as anchor of MTV News has been widely recognized as being the Walter Cronkite of Generation-X journalism. He made history when he reported first on rock icon Kurt Cobain’s death on television; also, his calm yet measured reporting style has earned him wide renown.

He graduated from Ocean City High School, before spending two dissatisfying years of higher education at college. Following Army service, he went on to work for newspapers in New Jersey before finding employment with Circus magazine as its editor-in-chief.

James went on to become one of the best feature and interview writers at Rolling Stone and co-authored Tina Turner’s autobiography I, Tina. Additionally, he currently writes movie reviews for libertarian website Reason magazine.

Net Worth

Kurt Loder is an esteemed American television personality, columnist and author who has amassed an immense fortune during his 77-year-old career. Presently he works as the host of True Stories on SiriusXM Radio where his monthly salary can easily top $100,000!

He has written for various publications including Esquire, New Yorker, Details and Reason as well as publishing books such as Bat Chain Puller and I, Tina with Tina Turner.

Journalist Jonathan Levine was among the first to report Kurt Cobain’s death. Due to his exceptional writing and critical thinking abilities, Levine has built up an immense fan base over time – his contributions having inspired modern music journalists and authors.

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