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Make Your Relationship Real – Tips For Fathers to Communicate Better With Their Daughters

Are you a father who struggles to make his relationship with his child real? You can make it more real by sharing your feelings and showing your vulnerability with your daughter. Many girls today get validation from a variety of sources, some healthy and some not so healthy. Using the following tips for fathers to communicate better with their daughters will help you make your relationship with her more genuine. We all need to be honest with ourselves and with others, and this starts with the father-daughter relationship.

– You’re not the only father struggling to make a real relationship with his daughter if he’s emotionally unavailable. Many daughters are affected by emotional inadequacy, which can lead to self-destructive, rebellious and self-destructive behavior. They might even resort to self-harm and addictions. They might also develop clingy, anxious behavior. How can you fix a relationship that is making your daughter emotionally unavailable?

– Be a role model to your daughter. Your daughter needs her father to have a different perspective than her mother. A father’s perspective is very different from the mother’s, so she needs to experience life from both perspectives. A father’s perspective will give her a better understanding of how to navigate a difficult situation. But you don’t need to be a super hero or do a million things for her at once. You just need to be there for your daughter at school events, bedside and parent-teacher conferences.

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