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Fathers and Daughters

For a child to develop self-esteem and self-confidence, a father’s support is vital. It is important for daughters to know that their fathers can be trusted. Even if they don’t always agree, a supportive father can give their daughter a positive self-image. Even if you disagree with their decisions, you can still show your daughter that you believe in them and that you trust them. As the parent of a daughter, your love and support should always be unconditional.

As the spiritual leader of the family, the father should take the lead in the religious education of their daughter. Make it a point to talk to your daughter about the importance of faith and prayer and don’t shy away from bringing God into the discussion. Your daughters need positive role models and fathers should make that a priority in their lives. When your daughter is young, he is likely to be the one they look up to for guidance and support.

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