Dad Taboo

Dad Taboo – How to Make it Easier for Your Daughter to Get Closer to You

As their daughters reach puberty, fathers often lose intimacy with their daughters and feel afraid to touch them. However, there are ways that you can make it easier for your daughters to get to know you. Engaging in non-threatening activities together is one way. Spend intentional time with your daughter. This will make your daughter feel at ease with you and allow her to open up to you. Talk to other men in your circle if you are uncomfortable touching your daughter.

Taking advantage of a child’s vulnerability is not the best way to handle a breakup. Single dads can be at odds in the world. They may be at war against their ex-wives, children, or even their closest friends. This doesn’t mean that money should be used as a weapon. In fact, a Wall Street Journal article warns against using money as a weapon against your children.

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