Dan Bishop Net Worth

Dan Bishop is a lawyer and politician representing North Carolina’s 8th congressional district as part of the Republican Party. He won his seat through an April 2019 special election.

House Bill 2 – the controversial “bathroom bill” which restricts transgender individuals from accessing public facilities according to their biological sex – was written under his sponsorship, raising his profile significantly.

Early Life and Education

Dan Bishop was born on 1 July 1964 and received both his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Law degrees from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Before being elected to Congress, he spent 29 years working in private sector.

He has been an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump and his agenda, voting to cut taxes, limit spending, reduce family healthcare costs, invest in education, defend Second Amendment rights and implement Voter ID legislation; while fighting socialism.

He currently represents North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District and won a special election to enter Congress. With extensive policymaking experience and legal training as well as commitment to conservative North Carolina values, he serves on both the Republican Policy Committee and Republican Study Committees.

Professional Career

Dan Bishop is an influential US politician, making a name for himself both domestically and abroad. Working tirelessly towards his current status and household recognition worldwide. Starting out his professional life as a lawyer he has earned immense wealth throughout his professional life.

Since his special election victory in 2019, he has been serving in the North Carolina House of Representatives as a Representative. Prior to that he also held positions on Mecklenburg County Commission and in State Senate.

He is a member of the Freedom Caucus and serves on both Judiciary and Homeland Security committees, in addition to various caucuses and subcommittees. Additionally, he was one of the primary sponsors for 2017’s “bathroom bill”, opposing LGBT rights rights.

Achievement and Honors

At home, he enjoys spending time with his children. Additionally, he advocates animal welfare and was recently honored with an RSPCA Honours Award for his efforts with rescue animals. Furthermore, Manchester Metropolitan University awarded him with an Honorary Doctorate degree.

Dan Bishop has long been recognized as one of the most effective conservative lawmakers, fighting tirelessly on behalf of North Carolina. He currently sits on both the House Judiciary Committee and its subcommittee on weaponization of federal agencies; as well as being part of the Freedom Caucus.

He has been an outspoken opponent of Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper’s use of his office as an entryway into higher offices, as well as opposing Obamacare and voting to repeal AUMF against Iraq.

Personal Life

Televangelist and media mogul Franklin Graham is best known for his miracle healing crusades held at large stadiums and broadcast on television. Additionally, Graham owns three private jets which he uses both professionally and personally on business and personal trips – not to mention being the founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also referred to as Winners Chapel.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper was the prime mover behind North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” of 2017, which barred transgender people from using restrooms matching their gender on birth certificates. Furthermore, in emails made public under state open records laws he made comparisons between LGBT rights activists and members of the Taliban.

Dan hails from Bladen County on the eastern edge of North Carolina’s Ninth District; however, he was born and raised in Charlotte and now brings with him extensive policy-making expertise and commitment to traditional North Carolina values to Congress.

Net Worth

Dan Bishop is married to Jo and they share one son. In 2022 he completed both a B.S. from UNC Chapel Hill and J.D. from UNC School of Law; also made over 1 trades of Synovus stock worth more than $27,960 that year.

Bishop was elected in a special election held September 10, 2019 to represent North Carolina’s 8th congressional district, covering parts of south-central Mecklenburg, Union, Anson, Richmond, Hoke and Scotland counties. A Republican, Bishop has voiced criticism against LGBT rights groups while in 2017 sponsored legislation which would prohibit individuals living near factory farms from recovering meaningful damages in civil lawsuits against those responsible.

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