Dan Cline

Dan Cline

Cline excelled as both a baseball and football star at U-M from 1951-55, scoring an important bases-loaded hit in the 1953 College World Series championship game as well as earning three Fielding Yost Awards for outstanding accomplishment in both sports.

Don Cline was widely known for being an accomplished fertility doctor; however, his actions as an inseminator attracted the notice of Netflix which is producing a documentary called Our Father to explore these concerning practices.

Early Life and Education

Cline earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Rhode Island. Since then, he has worked in student housing programs at several small liberal arts colleges supporting student growth and development through various roles.

He plays cello with the Rockefeller String Quartet, Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and Hendrix College and has participated in master classes with Yo-Yo Ma, Lynn Harrell and Hans Jorgen Jensen.

Cline never faced criminal charges despite claims by his patients and their children of abuse from Cline; there were no laws at the time criminalizing fertility doctors who used their own semen without patients’ permission; additionally, it would have been difficult to charge him with rape as his victims may not have known about their violation.

Professional Career

Dan Cline was renowned infertility doctor. He established his clinic back in 1979 when this field was still relatively uncharted medical territory, and provided compassionate and expert care to each one of his patients.

He was also an outstanding athlete, competing in football and baseball at Michigan, earning three letters in each sport and serving on their 1953 NCAA Championship team – where his bases-loaded single off the wall gave them victory against Texas in their final game.

He has extensive experience handling claims ranging from toxic tort lawsuits and personal injuries to physician disciplinary issues and employment law issues such as wrongful termination and discrimination.

Achievement and Honors

Cline became one of the first women members of the Grand Ole Opry and became an inspiration to many young female country singers, including Loretta Lynn, Dottie West, Jan Howard and sixteen-year-old Brenda Lee who have all named her as their primary influence.

In 1962, she returned to Decca’s Quonset Hut studio to record several new songs; one, She’s Got You, became both pop and country chart-toppers simultaneously.

He is survived by his wife, Julie; their daughters Tanya and Tara; grandchildren Abby and Savanna as well as great-grandson Paxton; his brother Randy as well as many friends and family members. In addition to serving on the board of Always… Patsy Cline in Arkansas Chapter and leading an annual memorial concert on Labor Day weekend in Shenandoah Valley.

Personal Life

Dan Cline is an accomplished cellist who performs professionally with both the Rockefeller String Quartet and Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, teaching at Hendrix College as well as maintaining his own private cello studio.

Many of the women interviewed in Our Father were unaware that Cline was their biological father until they received results from 23andMe DNA tests and asked him about it. When confronted, he admitted using his own sperm but maintained that any records had been destroyed years earlier.

Indiana passed a law in response to Cline’s actions that makes it illegal for fertility doctors to use their own sperm without consent without receiving prior consent from patients or family. He was not charged with any crimes in this instance and continues to reside in Indianapolis.

Net Worth

Dr Cline’s white supremacist goal of producing many blonde-haired, blue-eyed children came at a steep cost: many of his offspring suffer from health conditions including autoimmune diseases and blood clotting disorders. Although Cline engaged in sexual misconduct by fathering over 90 children without their mothers’ knowledge or consent, he only paid fines and lost his medical license following DNA testing sites such as 23andMe revealing this fact.

Madelyn, on the other hand, is a multi-millionaire who’s earned roles in movies and TV shows such as Savannah Sunrise, Boy Erased and Vice Principals – not to mention her Netflix deal for Outer Banks! Additionally, she’s collaborated with brands like Set Active and Aro Swim as well as being an experienced real estate agent through Keller Williams Realty.

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