Dan Lohrmann

Dan Lohrmann – Cybersecurity Expert, Technologist and Keynote Speaker

Dan Lohrmann is an internationally acclaimed cybersecurity leader, technologist, and keynote speaker. He provides guidance to state and local government agencies as well as educational institutions on how to best secure their technology infrastructures.

His 29+ years in the computer industry include beginning his career at the National Security Agency in America before moving to England for three years with Lockheed Martin as senior network engineer. He has appeared on CSPAN and spoken at conferences worldwide.

Professional Career

At 29 years old, Dan Lohrmann has established himself as an industry expert. Beginning his career at the National Security Agency and later working for Lockheed Martin (formerly Loral Aerospace) in England as a senior network engineer before transitioning to ManTech International where he served as technical director in a US/UK military facility.

Michigan government has trusted him with various leadership positions — such as enterprise-wide CSO, CISO and CTO roles — while his expertise in cybersecurity and technology infrastructure have earned him numerous accolades and awards including CSO of the Year, Public Official of the Year and Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader status.

He provides technology and cyber security advice to state and local governments as well as educational institutions across the globe, and is an internationally acclaimed cybersecurity leader, technologist, and keynote speaker.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Lohrmann is an esteemed cyber security expert, technologist and keynote speaker. Available to speak at various events and conferences about accelerating business transformation, cyber security best practices and technology modernisation.

He led the State of Michigan government’s cybersecurity and technology infrastructure teams from May 2002 – August 2014 as CSO, CTO and CISO for enterprise-wide security operations and technology infrastructure teams. He has advised senior leaders at the White House, National Governors Association, National Association of State CIOs and Department of Homeland Security; in addition to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.

Lohrmann is an active presenter and contributor to industry publications, with articles and blog posts that span everything from his top cybersecurity predictions to advice for building resilient enterprises. His blog Lohrmann on Cybersecurity has received several awards and currently ranks within the top 20 globally.

Personal Life

Dan Lohrmann is an renowned cybersecurity leader, author, technologist and keynote speaker with 29 years of experience at the National Security Agency (NSA). He has provided global organizations in both the public and private sectors with executive leadership services for several years, earning national awards such as CSO of the Year, Public Official of the Year, and Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader. He has advised leaders in federal, state and local government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profit institutions and more. He currently advises global and local organisations as the Chief Strategist and CSO for Security Mentor, an award-winning provider of security awareness training programs employees enjoy taking. In addition, he frequently attends technology and security conferences from South Africa to Moscow as an invited speaker.

Net Worth

Dan Lohrmann has an estimated net worth of $2 Million, an impressively high estimate for a security tech expert. Lohrmann is widely respected for his expertise in computer and Internet security, having advised numerous government organizations, businesses, non-profit institutions and home users on protecting their online infrastructure against attacks. From May 2002 until August 2014 he served in multiple cybersecurity roles within Michigan government institutions – enterprise-wide Chief Information Security Officer roles among them! In addition he works closely with many cybersecurity technology companies providing insight and long-term strategic support as well as acting as columnists in Government Technology magazine.

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