Dan Murawski

Dan Murawski

Daniel Murawski is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle surgery. Working alongside Dr. Erik C Nilssen at Andrews Institute, Daniel has extensive experience treating injuries, deformities, and arthritis related conditions in feet and ankles.

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Early Life and Education

Murawski was born in Bristol and graduated with his bachelor’s degree from Lake Forest College in Illinois with an emphasis in history. Following this, he attended Central Connecticut State University to obtain his master’s in education. For 38 years, Murawski taught at Southington High School – pioneering boys soccer programs at both campuses while coaching girls tennis as well.

He currently resides in Gulf Breeze, Florida with his wife and two children. As a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle disorders, Dr. Hazlewood can be found practising his specialty.

John Murawski was born to John and Jozefa Murawska. His eldest sibling is Edmond Murawski and five other siblings were also his. In 1941 he married Helen Hospodar-Murawski and they had one son and two daughters together.

Professional Career

Murawski is a board certified orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon specializing in complex deformities of the feet and ankles. His knowledge of foot mechanics allows him to provide optimal nonsurgical as well as surgical treatment strategies for his patients. He currently practices at Andrews Foot & Ankle Institute along with Erik Nilssen who serves as co-director. In 2017, they launched their Fellowship program.

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Achievement and Honors

Murawski has received several honors and awards for his work in chemistry, both academically and civically. In addition to academic achievements, he has made substantial contributions in terms of community involvement by serving on boards for several organizations, such as the National Advisory Council for the American Chemical Society and Women Chemists Committee.

Rae’Ann Shaffer Murawski and Taylor Deptula live with him in McKean. Aloysius Murawski lives nearby as does Linda Bolla from Erie.

Personal Life

Dan Murawski finds time for family and friends, including playing basketball and coaching children in his community. As part of his charity efforts he supports the SEA Literacy program in Milwaukee to assist refugees and immigrants learn English; volunteering with Marquette University’s E-Lead leadership development program and contributing an endowed gift; his skills gained at Marquette have served him well over four decades at General Electric; thus giving future students this opportunity.

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