Dan O’Dowd Net Worth

Dan O’Dowd is President and CEO of Green Hills Software. His company specializes in designing operating systems for safety-critical computer systems for military, NASA, and major automaker customers.

O’Dowd is running for U.S. Senate and using his campaign to push for the ban of Tesla Full Self-Driving cars, featuring ads depicting them making hazardous driving errors.

Early Life and Education

Dan O’Dowd was born in Ireland on September 6th 1959 and now enjoys a successful Celebrity career, earning between one and five Million annually.

He graduated from California Institute of Technology in 1976 and received the Distinguished Alumni Award, Caltech’s highest accolade bestowed upon its graduates. Today he lives in Santa Barbara with his wife and two sons.

In 2018, Chris and he together launched WIN Reality, a virtual reality program dedicated to improving baseball players’ hitting. Since its introduction, it has seen rapid success under his leadership and now serves over 200 MLB clubs.

Dan prefers to keep his personal life private and does not disclose details of any relationships that he may be involved with on social media, keeping any intimate details hidden away from view.

Professional Career

Following his graduation from Montville Township High School in 1983, Dan took his career into the Baltimore Orioles front office where he rose quickly through their organization to gain knowledge in both baseball business operations and general management.

After an impressive run with the Orioles, Dan was hired by the Cleveland Indians as director of player development and assistant general manager for 12 years, helping win four AL Central division titles and two World Series Championships (1995 and 1997).

Dan and Chris established WIN Reality in 2018 to improve baseball players’ hitting with virtual reality technology. Since its creation, this venture has proven highly successful and established itself as a market leader.

Achievement and Honors

Dan O’Dowd has received many honors during his distinguished career. A 1976 graduate from California Institute of Technology, O’Dowd earned the school’s Distinguished Alumni Award. Additionally, O’Dowd founded Green Hills Software which specializes in safety-critical software – O’Dowd has designed operating systems for fighter jets as well as building software systems for NASA and Boeing among many other trusted organizations.

O’Dowd is also a respected basketball coach. For eight years as an assistant coach at Arizona State University he was involved with game planning, player development, scouting and recruiting. From 2006 until 2016 he served as associate head coach at UTSA.

Dan O’Dowd prefers to keep his personal and romantic life private, being currently unmarried without children of his own.

Personal Life

Dan O’Dowd is an humble individual who has done much for humanity. Known for his sporting feats and worldwide impact, he has also won multiple awards in recognition of his contributions.

He also owns and runs the software company WIN Reality, which specializes in hitting programs for baseball players. Chris runs all operations while Lexie manages social media.

Dan O’Dowd is a family man, married to Ginger Dowell and father to Trey and Conner. A passionate baseball fan, he enjoys spending time playing games with his children. Dan prefers keeping his personal life private and does not share details of it publicly.

Net Worth

Dan O’Dowd is an Irish celebrity and entrepreneur currently aged 60 with an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. He is best known for his successful Career as a Baseball Manager & it serves as his main source of Income.

Green Hills Software, led by Chris, designs operating systems used on military aircraft such as F-16s and B-52 nuclear bombers as well as for NASA and major carmakers – valued at nearly $1 billion.

Dan O’Dowd remains unmarried and maintains an extremely private personal life, though he has been seen with various girls publicly; however, he prefers keeping his status under wraps. Additionally, he runs a company to aid unemployed workers. Dan is both an excellent businessperson and person alike.

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