Dan Prior

Private Dan Prior Died in Afghanistan on 16 March 2011

Private Dan Prior, of 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment was on patrol when an IED detonated in Helmand province and caused fatal wounds, leading to his flight back home for treatment – two days later he succumbed.

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Early Life and Education

Dan Prior was a dedicated soldier who loved life in the parachute regiment. His cheeky personality helped him integrate easily with fellow soldiers and make many new friends; his uncle had served in their battalion prior to being killed during the Falklands Conflict and so Dan was well aware of all risks associated with serving in that unit.

He was an extremely devoted father to Logan, born on the 21st of February 2011. He flew back from Afghanistan just two days before being killed in a blast explosion.

He was part of D Company 2 PARA and had been deployed to Afghanistan since October 2010, playing an instrumental role in efforts to bring lasting peace to Char Coucha Village.

Professional Career

He was an integral member of the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment. His charismatic nature and love of sport made it easy for him to fit right in; in fact, many had identified him as a potential Non-Commissioned Officer in the future.

Prior’s death occurred while he was patrolling to establish lasting peace in Char Coucha village of Helmand Province. The coroner applauded those soldiers who came quickly to assist and applied two tourniquets around his lower legs for him.

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Achievement and Honors

Private Daniel Prior was an insightful and mature young man with a promising future ahead of him. His death is felt greatly by family members, 10 Platoon members and D Company personnel as well as members of 2 PARA Battle Group.

An inquest revealed that the 27-year-old from 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment died after activating an IED while patrolling in Helmand province. His fellow servicemembers immediately came to his aid, applying two tourniquets and administering other treatments before transporting him off on a helicopter.

He had only returned home from Afghanistan two weeks before, to be with his wife Emily and new-born son Logan, to be together when he died on 18 March at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham – his sacrifice has cost his wife and son an opportunity for happiness in their future together.

Personal Life

Daniel Prior was an incredible husband, father and friend. With family always at the forefront of his mind and as an experienced Parachute Regiment sniper. Unfortunately, Daniel died tragically on 16 March 2011 when deployed to Afghanistan for duty. He was only 27.

He was trying to protect his fellow soldiers while conducting patrol in a small village when an IED went off, wounding him severely and leading him to hospital – though later succumbing to his injuries despite multiple soldiers helping apply tourniquets to both legs as well as administering medical assistance and treatment.

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Net Worth

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Pte Dan Prior was an exemplary husband, proud father, and generous friend who served with D Company 2 PARA before being killed by a suicide bomber while patrolling in Char Coucha village on 16 March 2011. Although injured himself, he continued helping his fellow soldiers by applying two tourniquets and administering other medical aid before eventually being transported by helicopter back to safety.

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