Dan Sack

Dan Sack

Dan Sack serves as associate director for the Material History of American Religion project. Additionally, he is program administrator of the Border Crossing Project and author of Whitebread Protestants: Food and Religion in Mainline America (St Martin’s Press/Palgrave 2000) as well as Moral Re-Armament: Reinventions of an American Religious Movement (Palgrave).

He has published widely on contemporary international performance across academic and non-academic venues.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Sack is an Assistant Professor in the English Department and Commonwealth Honors College at University of Massachusetts Amherst. His research encompasses modern/contemporary theatre and interdisciplinary performance (dance, visual art, moving image etc), performance theory as a creative practice as well as performance theory itself.

After Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, besieged Jerusalem he chose young Judeans who were attractive and talented for training in his court. At the end of three-year training Daniel stood out among them with his upstanding character – giving rise to new names that mean God is My Judge in Hebrew.

Scholars believe the Book of Daniel was composed after the exile (6th century bc). It can be found in Ketuvim section of Old Testament and part of Christian Bible.

Professional Career

Sack is an Assistant Professor in the English Department and Commonwealth Honors College at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Additionally, he serves as a visiting senior fellow at JFF where he has undertaken several national projects aimed at improving pathways into college and careers for opportunity youth.

Dr. Steven Finch’s research is grounded in modern/contemporary theatre and interdisciplinary performance more broadly conceived (dance, performance art and the visual arts), critical writing as an artistic practice and Whitebread Protestants: Religion and Food in American Culture (Palgrave) among others. In addition he co-edited Moral Re-Armament: Reinventions of an American Religious Movement with Palgrave Publishing Group in 2012.

Sack is currently leading two JFF Social Innovation Fund projects designed to expand registered apprenticeship opportunities for opportunity youth, while another assists career academy high schools implement innovative work/learning models and college access initiatives.

Achievement and Honors

Sacks turned to personal memoir in his later years, chronicling his recovery from mountain climbing accident A Leg to Stand On and sharing his experience with ocular melanoma Hallucinations as well as reflecting upon the meaning of human existence in Gratitude.

He was honored with a knighthood in the 2005 Birthday Honours, taking up a crossbencher seat in the House of Lords. Additionally, he founded and led as its first President the Genesis Prize Foundation until his passing away in 2021.

Sacks credits her time at Volpe Center with helping her develop an adaptable approach to leadership, which was on display during her two-year term as WTS-Boston chapter president. Through participation, she also gained a deeper insight into the professional backgrounds of fellow members, which enabled effective communication and collaboration within their ranks.

Personal Life

At Sack has had both an impressive professional and business career. He served as executive of PayPal and Zenefits and invested in various technology platforms and crypto coins. Sack is known for his ability to turn around companies, even serving as interim CEO during a crisis period at Zenefits.

Sack is married to Jacqueline Tortorice and has three children. In his personal life, sack has written several books and essays on American religious history; most recently his most widely read work was Moral Re-Armament: The Reinventions of an American Religious Movement. Sack has also served as an administrator at University of Chicago Divinity School as well as numerous teaching positions.

Net Worth

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Sacks has declined to discuss his politics and worldview directly; however, his writings, media appearances, political donations and professional network speak for themselves. Dwelling within the volatile and anti-establishment atmospheres of social media and Tucker Carlson demagoguery platforms such as social media and Tucker Carlson demagoguery shows an anti-establishment worldview which blends elements of Trumpist nationalism with suspicion for deep state institutions as well as belief in private sector development power.

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