Dan Shanko

Dan Shanko

John Shanko resided in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15209, USA and married Gladys Edithia Shanko (born Lahr). They later divorced. He passed away on the 20th day of October 1987 in California where his remains could be found. They had one son together named John Eldon Shanko.

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Early Life and Education

John Shanko was born and lived his whole life in Pennsylvania until 1953, where he married Esther C Shanko (begun before 1953) with whom they had one child together before later marrying Gladys E Shanko, born 1906, who gave them one more child, John Eldon Shanko. Gladys E Shanko died in 1987 in California where they both are interred today.

He was a deacon at Russian and Ukrainian Viceroy Baptist Church Excel No. 71 in Pittsburgh and also served on its board of directors; additionally he volunteered as a volunteer firefighter in his community. He died on the month day in death place and was laid to rest there after burial. Discover your ethnic roots and uncover hidden connections through DNA testing!

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Dan Shanko was an exemplary family man, prioritizing his loved ones above all else. Married to Tara and blessed with three children together, his focus lay in serving God and reaching those unreached; an active member of Frontier Ventures as well as creator of The Joshua Project map showing where gospel had already been spread and where more needs to be heard.

Public records reveal that Daniel Shanko is 52 years old and currently residing on 67 French Village Blvd in Sharpsburg, Georgia for about 16 years. Prior to settling here he may have resided on Bradshaw Dr and December Dr; at least 17 other locations may also have been associated with him in some way.

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