Dan Twombly

Dan Twombly – Artist and Real Estate Broker

Dan enjoyed spending his free time helping children with special needs. He regularly took them on afterschool trips to museums, concerts and even cross country excursions.

Twombly’s work at Black Mountain College was strongly influenced by the philosophy and writings of its pragmatist rector, Charles Olson. Olson advocated an ethical humanism which disregarded individual and collective identities while proposing immaterial processes as realities and advocating organic forms. His words provided inspiration for Twombly.

Early Life and Education

Early in his career, Twombly displayed an affinity for antiquity which he developed while at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, studying under Abstract Expressionists Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline. Twombly’s art conjured antiquity through its rich repertoire of marks, scrawls, scrawls, doodles and scratches which conveyed both gestural expressiveness and cultural symbols.

Twombly traveled to Seychelles and d’Arros Island in March where he made drawings before spending spring in Gaeta painting a series titled Bolsena.

This painting is an intricate mix of history and commemoration that captures both passage and conclusion; its pencilled inscription marks 1959 into 1960 (‘1959 into 1960’). Twombly first presented this monumental canvas as one of his ‘history paintings’ during this decade-long effort to establish his artistic credentials.

Professional Career

Twombly dedicated much of his time to working with special needs children. He first volunteered at Hopkins Park and later assisted at DeKalb High School before earning two degrees from Northern Illinois University: one in special education and art.

In 2022, he was elected to Greenfield city council and used his term to promote community vitality while championing arts initiatives.

Twombly was previously employed as the principal broker of RE/MAX Insight and RE/MAX On the Move franchises before his suspension for failing to abide by state real estate commission orders regarding escrow accounts, having purportedly controlled both franchise escrow accounts from October through February. Since this incident took place voluntarily he has agreed not to practice until it has been resolved; unfortunately he has declined requests for comment on his actions.

Achievement and Honors

Dan dedicated his life to working with children with special needs. From working at Hopkins Park with toddlers up through DeKalb High School he dedicated himself fully to this cause, as well as being an active volunteer for ORA programs.

Twombly’s drawings are captivating and articulate on multiple levels despite their indecipherable, inkblot marks and rhythms; their deep sophistication defies stylistic cliches while mediating between old and new worlds.

The Cy Twombly Foundation recently relocated its offices, as academic and broader interest in his artwork continues to increase. Through exhibitions and publications that highlight his works, people will have more opportunity to understand them.

Personal Life

Twombly was previously a real estate broker who owned RE/MAX on the Move and RE/MAX Insight. However, due to a legal battle with the Real Estate Commission he voluntarily agreed not to practice in Virginia until his case has been resolved.

The agency charged that Daniel Greeley Morrell Twombly used funds from an escrow account improperly and hindered inspectors from reviewing his business, as well as failing to report income from it. It has sought his suspension as principal broker as well as receivership for three companies run by Daniel: NE Coast to Country Realty Investments, RE/MAX On the Move and Insight. Daniel was born on September 29th 1822 at birthplace New Hampshire to John B Twombly and Mary Polly Fall.

Net Worth

Twombly rose to become one of the most revered abstract artists during his long career, exploring themes related to adolescent rebellion and adult romantic relationships in his paintings. His signature splatter and drip paintings earned comparisons to Jackson Pollock.

He created his own visual language through graffiti-like marks and smudged lines, but also employed classical mythology, poetry and art history terms in order to craft his unique work. His drawings capture both raw energy and seamless poetry.

One drawing by him shows his close reading and understanding of poetry; here a smudged purple stain represents jealousy while an excerpt from Sappho is used to symbolize desire. This shows just how attuned he was to its subtleties of feeling and meaning – though self-indulgent as an individual, he was nonetheless an accomplished formal artist.

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