Dan Whalen

Dan Whalen – Intellectual Property Attorney

Dan Whalen boasts an impressive resume. After graduating from Saint John’s University, he established or co-established five telecommunications start-ups.

CSX claims that Haworth and OES failed to sufficiently warn employees of the chair’s risks prior to November 2011 as required, though the jury must ultimately decide on who bears liability for these failures.

Early Life and Education

Dan Whalen was raised in Argyle and East Grand Forks, Minnesota, graduating from Sacred Heart High School before attending Saint John’s University and later managing George McGovern’s campaign in Minnesota.

He founded or co-founded six telecom services companies and served on their boards as both board member and chair, in two cases. Additionally, he established Great Place to Work Institute as well as held leadership roles with numerous other businesses.

Whalen has made generous contributions to a range of organizations, such as Saint Benedict College and Saint John’s Abbey in Pennsylvania. In addition to these two institutions, he has supported Laketrails base camp, Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota, Redwood Day School in Oakland California, Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco and Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church Fort Pierce Florida with generous gifts.

Professional Career

Dan is a passionate facilitator who takes an holistic approach when connecting the dots for team members. He values working across services and geographies so our clients benefit from all our firm has to offer.

Whalen offers an extensive litigation practice that spans the areas of wildfire losses, insurance policyholders subject to bad faith conduct by their insurers and families who have experienced serious injuries due to defective products. He is an published author on matters pertaining to jury selection and ethics.

He is an active member of Saint John’s Board of Regents and served as campaign chair for its One Generation to the Next capital campaign, being generous with both time and funds donated.

Achievement and Honors

Whalen specializes in litigation relating to patents, trademarks and industrial designs as well as protecting copyright online via domain name recovery. He has received many honors and awards for his efforts – among them is being named one of five recipients for Barry D. Torno Memorial Prize in intellectual property law.

Whalen was a partner at HTEC Group and co-founded several telecommunications related businesses. Additionally, he served as Chairperson of the Great Place to Work Institute as well as board membership of Saint John’s University.

He and Katharine have shown extraordinary generosity toward Hanson School, including supporting student scholarships and projects in Bosnia. Additionally, they have donated generously towards its annual fund, faculty development initiatives, land acquisition/conservation efforts as well as membership on Hanson’s board of directors.

Personal Life

Whalen stands out as an individual with outstanding organizational and multitasking skills who is also widely respected for being extremely caring and compassionate towards his family and friends, an example of humility and selflessness that cannot be overstated.

Whalen is widely known for his outstanding charitable giving. He has given generously to several institutions, such as Saint John’s University where he serves on its board of trustees and led its successful capital campaign One Generation to the Next. Furthermore, he has given generously to Laketrails base camp in northern Minnesota, the Humphrey Institute at University of Minnesota, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Whalen and his wife Katharine have three children together: Matthew, Anna and Michael – living in Oakland California with his family. Whalen’s family appreciates all the prayers and kind gestures that have been shown them during this difficult period.

Net Worth

Dan Whalen, an American Football Player and Businessman with an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $8 Million, amassed his fortune through playing football as his primary career path.

Daniel Whalen is an extremely private person. He is married and has two children.

He keeps his professional life private, only providing information regarding his work when necessary.

He has been active in the telecom industry and founded or co-founded six businesses. Additionally, he served in various capacities at these businesses – including serving as CEO. When not at work or founding companies, he enjoys reading and exercising as well as listening to music (he has an exceptional singing voice!). In his free time he likes reading books as well as exercising regularly.

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