Daniel Baumgartner

Daniel Baumgartner

Daniel was an outstanding man who always put others before himself, providing support to many local businesses and organizations as well as operating the Steadicam at Baylor University football games and parades.

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Early Life and Education

Kabria Baumgartner is an award-winning public historian at Northeastern University who specializes in African American history, New England history and digital storytelling. She has collaborated with many historical societies and museums to bring Black history into the public sphere.

On March 25, 2018, BCMC pastor Dawn Yoder Harms informed her congregation that they had been made aware of allegations against Baumgartner and would take steps to address them. Additionally, she encouraged anyone who may have been mistreated to contact church leaders immediately.

In 2023, MAP sent a letter to former BCMC pastor and conference minister Heidi Regier Kreider seeking documentation about her process of learning about abuse allegations, setting up an accountability group, offering Baumgartner an access agreement, publicizing them publicly etc. Unfortunately she declined to provide us with any such records.

Professional Career

Baumgartner was widely revered and honored to have served his nation with distinction during a long career in the military, where he led personnel recovery initiatives that saved many lives around the globe.

College Station Mennonite Church (BCMC) became aware of abuse allegations against Daniel Baumgartner in 2013. Following this information from a congregant email, then-BCMC pastor Heidi Regier Kreider took steps to address these claims – including creating an accountability group, offering him limited access agreements, and publicly acknowledging and condemning them.

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Achievement and Honors

General Baumgartner earned much respect throughout his impressive career in military and aerospace operations, serving in multiple leadership positions with distinction. For his dedication and service he received many prestigious honors that are still held today.

In 2022, Knightwerx Legacy Foundation was established. Since 2021 he has also been an active Member of The OSS Society.

In 2017, he was honored as Laureus World Action Sportsperson of the Year, joining an exclusive group of 46 renowned athletes and sportswomen. His skydiving achievements are legendary and have captured millions of people around the globe. He set numerous records during his career and became one of the most well-known Swiss athletes; winning several medals and awards while making significant contributions in areas such as science and technology.

Personal Life

Apart from his acting and philanthropic efforts, he’s a tech entrepreneur, real estate developer, father, and game streaming service founder – including video game streaming platform GameMine that gives developing markets access to popular games – since 2013. Since 2013, he’s purchased and flipped various properties in Southern California including one mansion for $13.5 million.

He was said to have confronted Starr after discovering she became close with Christine Baumgartner. Starr claimed he did nothing wrong and claimed he had left the property by March 2023.

A spokesperson from BCMC reported that they have received no documentation of abuse from Baumgartner and would never forcibly remove a congregant from the church. Furthermore, a judge has granted her permission to collect her personal belongings such as toiletries, clothing and handbags from her home.

Net Worth

Baumgartner rose to wider fame after appearing as Kevin Malone for the entirety of NBC comedy series “The Office,” which followed employees at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company based out of Scranton Pennsylvania – including Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Phyllis Smith Angela Kinsey and Craig Robinson among others.

He has appeared on multiple other TV series, such as That ’70s Show, Arrested Development and Everwood. On film he has made appearances as Jim (License to Wed) and Eric (Four Christmases). Additionally he provided the voice of Klonk in computer animated movie Rumble.

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