Daniel Bourgeois

Daniel Bourgeois Reads the News With NVDA Screen Reader Software

Daniel Bourgeois of Harris River uses The Bulletin’s online edition and free NVDA screen reader software to stay informed about local news. Navigating with his mouse, it reads aloud any item under his cursor.

In 2012, he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and spent two years recuperating in a nursing home.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Bourgeois is an authority on educational structure, policy, and equity. He has held key leadership roles within offices of institutional research, program evaluation and outcomes assessment at universities throughout the US.

Bourgeois’ childhood memories of her mother’s illness and death as well as her father’s philandering would influence much of her work, as they fueled anxieties surrounding abandonment as well as an interest in anatomy and its organic structures.

Bourgeois often depicts hands in her work; 10 am is When you Come to Me 2006 features several hands painted in red gouache on printed musical score paper, symbolizing dependence and support between close friends. Additionally, her bronze sculpture Nature Study 1986 displays one that appears similar to organic matter.

Professional Career

Daniel Bourgeois has been teaching courses in information systems and data analytics full time for two decades, as well as serving as an IT consultant to several faith-based organizations and small businesses.

Bourgeois experienced a stroke in 2012 that rendered him partially paralyzed and unable to communicate clearly. According to the American Stroke Association, strokes are one of the leading causes of disability among older Americans and account for close to 40% of deaths among people 65 and over.

Bourgeois currently works as Team Leader Group Underwriting at Medavie Blue Cross Insurance Company of Canada for 10 years, having held this position since he started fishing, gardening and spending time with family as hobbies.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Bourgeois was born in Moncton, New Brunswick and began drumming at five. Since then he has become an established session drummer, performing alongside artists spanning hard rock to country and pop music genres. Additionally he has earned many accolades and awards including an ECMA award.

Soccer: He scored 53 goals during 280 career games at clubs like CS Sedan, FC Metz and Troyes AF; in addition to serving with the US national team during its early 1970s campaign.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Ann Marie, children Michelle Pye and Daniel Bourgeois; grandchildren Alexander, Christopher, Zachary Bourgeois; sisters Anna Jack and Bernadette Scarfo; brother-in-laws Ambrose Ryan and Marion Ryan as well as an extended family and community of loved ones and friends.

Personal Life

Daniel Bourgeois is an exceptional wood turner who has displayed his work at various New Orleans Galleries. Currently a member of Enchanted Woodturners AAW Chapter in Santa Fe, and operating a small wood turning business selling bowls and other items.

Bourgeois recently decided to opt-out of running for a fifth term on City Council and believes that members should serve no more than two mandates at once.

He leaves behind his wife Shirley Sampay Bourgeois; three sons: Dany P. Bourgeois Jr, Barry J. Bourgeois and Tommy J. Bourgeois as well as an extended family who all miss him dearly. Dany was an exceptional husband, father and grandfather who will be greatly missed by everyone he came into contact with during his lifetime.

Net Worth

Donna Douglas earned more photos and fan mail daily than any other cast member on The Hillbillies. Additionally, she performed gospel music, sang at church services, wrote her own book (Miss Donnas Mulberry Farm), was released for sale and published it.

She married Buddy Ebsens for 32 years and gave birth to Danny P. Bourgeois during that time. As a hobby, she liked adding biblical verses onto gifts she gave friends and loved ones as present ideas.

She has made over 24 trades of Home Bancorp Inc stock since 2008, owning at least 94,575 units valued at more than $3,127,122 as of 29 January 2019. Donna wrote a religion-themed children’s book for children called Donna’s Critters and Kids: Children’s Stories with a Bible Touch; currently she resides in Pride Louisiana with her son.

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