Daniel Brakke

Daniel Brakke, 30, Was Struck by a Car on Glenwood Avenue in Everett

Daniel Brakke was in his 30s when he was fatally struck by a vehicle on Glenwood Avenue in Everett. An expert on Gnostic Scriptures such as Gospel of Judas, Brakke was teaching Gnosticism at Ohio State University at the time.

His book Demons and the Making of the Monk examines demonology’s place in early Christian monasticism, while other publications include Asceticism and Christian Interpretation as well as Egyptian Christianity.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Brakke was a 30-year-old who died after being hit by a car on Friday evening while walking near Glenwood Avenue in Everett. The driver was later arrested and remains behind bars awaiting charges against them.

Dr. Brakke was a professor at Indiana University until his death, where he studied the history and literature of ancient Christianity from its origins to the fifth century, with special interest in Egyptian Christianity, monasticism, “Gnosticism”, biblical interpretation and Egyptian Christianity in general. His research focused on Egyptian Christianity, monasticism, “Gnosticism”, biblical interpretation as well as biblical interpretation – among others. He published several books including Athanasius and the Politics of Asceticism (Oxford 1995), Demons and Making of Monk: Spiritual Combat in Early Christianity Harvard 2006), The Gnostics: Myth Ritual Diversity in Early Christianity Yale 2010. Additionally he served as editor-in-Chief in Journal Early Christian Studies until 2010.

Professional Career

His career spans across several fields. Beginning as a multibillion-dollar Program Manager for Navy air warfare missile squadrons and later transitioning to Civil Engineering at Malmstrom Air Force Base supporting Base Facilities. Furthermore, in addition to working for government entities he held positions within private industry and higher education administration; currently acting as Plains Area Section Head – Facilities Engineering, Real Property, and Safety at National Bio and Agro-defense Facility.

Personal Life

Professor Brakke was an esteemed expert on the history of Christianity, having published multiple articles and books on the topic. His expertise focused on several key aspects of this religion – Egyptian Christianity, early monasticism and biblical canon formation are just some examples he covered extensively. Furthermore, Professor Brakke was an enthusiastic scholar on Gnosticism, publishing one book dedicated to it while co-editing six volumes of scholarly essays on it. Kenneth Brakke was his closest relative residing on Maple Ln in Aurora Minnesota along with Marion Brakke and Susan Brakke; unfortunately, Professor Brakke was struck down on Friday by a car near Everett’s Glenwood Avenue.

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