Daniel Brandeis

Daniel Brandeis is a Posse Scholar at Brandeis University Law School

Early Life and Education

Justice Brandeis generously gifted a large collection of books and pamphlets to the University, making a firm commitment to making his papers available for research. He encouraged its Law School to acquire additional research material for that purpose as well as contributing funds toward cataloguing, binding and shelving its contents.

He was an outspoken proponent for expanding legal rights. For instance, in his concurring opinion in Whitney v. Oregon in 1919 he noted the necessity of free political discussion in any democracy.

In 1916, he joined the Supreme Court of the United States and quickly earned a reputation for himself as “People’s Lawyer.” While practicing widely across different areas, he preferred accepting cases with progressive social causes over those on the wrong side of law and declined payment from clients who appeared to be breaking it.

Professional Career

Daniel specializes in intellectual property law and has taught and presented on transactions for Boston Bar Association, MCLE and Licensing Executives Society. Additionally he advises clients on mergers and acquisitions as well as provides other corporate legal support.

Daniel serves as director of Hiatt Career Center, overseeing student outreach, career education programming and data analysis. Daniel believes college can be anything you make it, so encourages Brandeisians to use all available resources. A proud Posse alum, Daniel’s door is always open if anyone needs someone to discuss career challenges or share opinions on New York sports teams.

Dan has over 10 years of experience working in higher education, including academic advising, student activities and residence life roles. Additionally, he holds an MHA degree from Stony Brook University.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is a member of the Justice Brandeis Law Society and its Executive Committee, and also holds memberships in New York State Trial Lawyers Association and Westchester County Bar Association. Additionally, he founded Becker Law Office which practices civil litigation throughout southern Westchester County in New York.

Bellarmine University alum, graduating first in his class and with honor. Clerking experience includes Justice Thomas R. Lee on the Utah Supreme Court and Judge Kent A Jordan from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

He is a tireless proponent of free speech and religion rights, relishing arguing on behalf of individuals whose liberties are violated. He appreciates having been given this chance to fight for freedom in this country and hopes we can all continue protecting these liberties for future generations.

Personal Life

Daniel attributes his success to both mentors and Brandeis’ unique culture. Being a Posse Scholar has enabled him to pursue his interests in education and entrepreneurship.

He was an active member of the Jewish community, helping to form an American Jews congress of representatives that ensured Jewish rights were addressed at peace conferences. Furthermore, he strongly opposed large corporations as he felt they harm customers, competitors, and their own workers alike.

Alongside his law career, he was also an accomplished violinist, serving as first violinist of the Lydian String Quartet and recitalist and private teacher. Furthermore, he held preceptorship for music at Harvard University as well as concertmastership of Handel & Haydn Society Orchestra for 24 years.

Net Worth

Brandeis’ opinions have long been recognized for their powerful defense of freedom of speech and privacy in his writings for the Supreme Court. Furthermore, his work in state taxation is considered one of the greatest contributions made to modern American law.

He is one of the founding members of Richmond Jewish Foundation and served as its Foundation Director for over two decades. Today he works at Kinneret Group, an investment firm located in New York City that specializes in next-generation investing by realigning significant pools of wealth created over generations and used for social good.

Posse experience gave him the confidence to pursue both professional and personal dreams, such as living in New York with Sarah and having two beautiful children.

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