Daniel Brenhouse

Daniel Brenhouse

Daniel Brenhouse is a Principal at Permira who specializes in finding investment opportunities within the Services sector. He has assisted in various transactions for Atrium Innovations, Axiom, Arysta, Freescale, Kroll Intelligrated and Magento as well as working previously for Merrill Lynch Canada’s Montreal office and serves on mParticle’s Board.

Professional Career

Daniel Brenhouse is a Principal at Permira and specializes in investment opportunities in the services sector. He has participated in several of Permira’s transactions such as Atrium Innovations, Arysta, Duff & Phelps Axiom Kroll Freescale Intelligrated Magento as well as President of Genesys Fund Portfolio Company that leads in Omnichannel Customer Experience Software solutions (Genesys). Prior to joining Permira Daniel spent two years at Merrill Lynch Montreal.

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