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Artist Daniel Brice – Abstract Paintings and Works on Paper

Daniel Brice’s mixed media canvases and works on paper are an examination of how line and color combine to convey complex ideas with simple gestural movements, disprove claims about its death since camera photography’s invention, and show us it remains vital today.

Early Life and Education

Brice’s paintings employ minimalist environments to explore the subtle complexities of color. What may initially appear monochromatic is actually comprised of an expansive spectrum, chosen intuitively from harmony or dissonance considerations.

He was an extremely generous individual who delighted in feeding his family and friends, often leaving half of a burger, fries and chicken nuggets for his mom alone. Additionally, he enjoyed dancing competitively and always attempted to outwit everyone he knew in dance moves.

He is survived by his mother LaLisa Annette Greene Brice of Hackettstown, NJ; sisters Little Annie Brice and Frances “Kitty” Brice both of Orangeburg, SC; nephews Tyrone Strickland and Jason Brice as well as numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Professional Career

Daniel Brice’s abstract paintings and works on paper are studies in line and color that explore simple gestural movements to elucidate complex ideas through gestural forms. Influenced by coastal California minimalist environments, his abstract pieces translate the subtle complexity of light and sky into moody color fields with a soothing calmness.

Dan Brice currently practices law in Syracuse, New York and represents benefit funds in complex ERISA litigation matters as well as providing advice and counsel regarding employee benefits matters to multiemployer and single-employer plans, companies, tax-exempt entities and executives.

As an active member of his local community, he has been recognized by multiple organizations and publications for his outstanding professionalism and legal knowledge. Additionally, he was honored as a Rising Star attorney, an honor that is bestowed only to a select few each year.

Achievement and Honors

Brice’s mixed media canvases and works on paper are an exploration of using line and color to communicate complex ideas through simple gestural movements. He layers variously sized rectangles to create shifting visual fields while using minimal rectilinear language to indicate vast spatial expanses.

He has scored zero goals this season’s Regionalliga West matches and boasts a clean sheet ratio of 50%.

Brice is not only a musician; he’s also an artist, founder of Folds of Honor (providing scholarships to families of service members killed or injured in the line of duty), writes for magazines and teaches art classes – not forgetting residing with his wife and two sons in Hackettstown New Jersey!

Personal Life

Danny loved his family dearly and was always available when needed. With a loving spirit and generous giving streak, he went out of his way to assist those less fortunate – for instance when learning that one of his friends needed diapers but did not have enough money, he provided them free.

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is delighted to present Another Liquid Sequence by Daniel Brice – six evocative oil paintings created in response to claims that abstract painting is dead. Brice’s works demonstrate its resilience.

His minimalist spatial geometry creates a dream-like quality, blurring the boundaries between land, sea and sky. His color choices are intuitive yet informed by color theory to produce either harmonious or dissonant outcomes in his paintings – imbuing each with poetic or musical meaning while remaining accessible to viewers of all backgrounds.

Net Worth

Brice explores both the intellectual and emotional ramifications of color in his abstract paintings and prints, drawing from sun-soaked Southern California for inspiration. Transforming its multihued blues of the Pacific Ocean as well as vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and greens of local vegetation into vivid lines and rectangles that form his compositions is his forte.

Since 2023, he has made multiple trades of iRhythm Technologies Inc stock valued at over $1.941,187 as of 9 August 2023.

Lori Brice has always been an extremely private person; therefore details regarding her family life or early years aren’t accessible to the general public. However, she became famous after marrying Ron White – an acclaimed stand-up comedian – in 1981 and having one child together. White now is an accomplished artist himself.

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