Daniel Brownlee

Daniel Brownlee

Daniel Brownlee has 23 years of experience working in the Airlines, Airports & Air Services industry. Based out of Texas and serving as Assistant Station Manager with Southwest Airlines. Additionally he’s involved with community activities as well as hobbies he enjoys doing in his free time – such as spending time with family.

Early Life and Education

Brownlee was born in East Chicago, Indiana and attended West Virginia State College where she graduated with honors. Following this, she earned a master of arts in teaching degree at the University of Illinois while concurrently attending both its graduate school of social work and college of education.

Before moving to Macksburg with her husband, she was employed as an elementary teacher by Indianapolis Public Schools and involved with community services as well as teaching bible study classes to both adults and children.

Jacquelyn is an award-winning author and educator. Her books address social justice issues to inspire children. Additionally, Jacquelyn serves as a public speaker on these subjects and regularly attends service at Tonasket Free Methodist Church along with her family.

Professional Career

His YouTube channel, MKBHD, provides in-depth technology reviews that have garnered over 15 million subscribers and been featured by publications like Forbes and CNET. Furthermore, the content creator is best known for his annual smartphone awards that recognize the most innovative phones released each year.

Brownlee is an active member of the recovery community and co-founder of New Freedom Recovery Foundation for Men. He brings leadership, integrity and unique perspective to Treehouse team.

Greg began hunting whitetail deer with his father as a child and since has pursued big game worldwide. His commitment to providing top-quality hunts sets him apart from competitors; since 2007 he has worked alongside Jeff Neal at Wild Game Safaris; becoming part owner in 2015. Greg continues his focus on designing and providing innovative hunts worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Brownlee used her first year at USC to explore various fields to determine her best niche. She showed particular interest in merging tech with biology and the arts; additionally she became active with Corpus Callosum, USC’s premier arts-tech organization and Ahmanson Polymathic Lab.

McCarthy Honors Residential College. Here she met Chloe Duckworth and together they decided to enter an innovation challenge hosted by Neosensory (a company which transforms auditory senses into vibrational patterns on wristbands). Their idea was an emotional AI solution that can translate vocal pitch, context and expressions so neurodivergent people could understand emotions better.

On Tuesday, other notable individuals who received royal honours included film director Paul Greengrass – known for Hollywood blockbusters like three Bourne movies and Captain Phillips; Ashley Banjo received an MBE for her services to dance; while six-time world triathlon champion Jonny Brownlee received a CBE.

Personal Life

Dan was deeply devoted to his family and enjoyed spending time with them. A skilled handyman, he would share his handyman skills whenever asked. Additionally, Dan enjoyed hunting elk or bucks and often shared stories of every one he bagged. Attending Tonasket Free Methodist Church as an active community member made Dan even more precious to us all.

He currently works as the Recovery Coordinator at Treehouse Learning Community and is involved in the 12 step recovery community. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and camping as well as traveling and reading; currently residing in Tonasket with his wife and son.

Net Worth

Brownlee has amassed significant wealth through his YouTube channel. His in-depth reviews of gadgets and technology have attracted millions of subscribers around the world; furthermore, Brownlee has hosted interviews with notable figures like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk – earning him significant revenue.

Regularly attending tech events and following tech publications to stay current on the newest gadgets. His videos are popular for their authenticity and genuine product insights.

Brownlee covers topics ranging from tech and gadgets, gaming, lifestyle and sports on his channel. Additionally, he created a Smartphone Award series in 2016 to recognize smartphones that perform exceptionally. Brownlee currently owns multiple properties in New Jersey and is in a relationship with Nikki.

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