Daniel Bubb

A Review of Daniel Bubb, an Honors Professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas

Mother of Marine who was Killed in Iraq says her son’s death has been devastating for both their community and family. Lance Cpl. Daniel Bubb was only 19 when he died just one day shy of turning 20, serving with 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.

Early Life and Education

Bubb is an Associate Professor in Residence with the Honors College at University of Nevada Las Vegas, and his research specializes in commercial aviation history and airport studies throughout North America and Western America. Bubb has written “Landing in Las Vegas: Commercial Aviation and the Making of a Tourist City” published by University of Nevada Press.

Bubb’s book contains many inaccuracies in his detailing of events; this issue bedevils most of it and drastically detracts from an otherwise worthwhile effort. When discussing the McNary-Watres Act of 1930, for example, Bubb states that Postmaster General Walter F. Brown reduced the number of transcontinental air carriers from five to four; in actuality this did not occur until 1933 when their airlines began being broken up.

Lance Cpl. Daniel Scott R. Bubb was killed during his second tour of duty in Iraq just one day shy of turning 20 years old. Bubb enlisted after 9/11 and served with the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.

Professional Career

One of his greatest professional accomplishments was writing Landing in Las Vegas: Commercial Aviation and the Making of a Tourist City for University of Nevada Press’ 2012 publication. Additionally, his expertise lies within United States history as well as American Western history as well as airport history.

Lance Cpl. Daniel Bubb was killed during his second tour of duty in Iraq just one day short of turning 20 years old, after becoming inspired by 9/11 to complete high school and join the Marines.

He has contributed articles to several peer-reviewed economics journals and law reviews.

Achievement and Honors

Professor Bubb is an amazing honors professor. His classes focus around short articles, with all quizzes featuring contentious opinions – making passing his classes much simpler than anticipated! Plus he gives two easy research papers!

He is the author of Landing in Las Vegas: Commercial Aviation and the Making of a Tourist City (University of Nevada Press) as well as being an active researcher into aviation history in the American West; writing numerous articles and papers related to this topic.

Prior to his time with Florida Atlantic University (2016-21), Bubb was the head coach of Midland University’s men’s and women’s swimming & diving programs (2016-21). Under his watchful guidance, two KCAC Championships and nine program records were set during his tenure there.

Personal Life

Bubb is an esteemed historian renowned for his book Landing in Las Vegas: Commercial Aviation and the Making of a Tourist City published in 2012. Additionally, his research interests span across United States history, American West history, and global history.

Bubb was killed by small arms fire in Rutbah, Iraq at 19 years old; one day short of turning 20. After volunteering for military service after Sept 11 attacks, this tour marked his second deployment to Iraq.

Dr. Bubb is one of the greatest professors at UNLV. His lectures are highly captivating, his classroom discussions profound, and his kindness towards students is unquestionable; not to mention fair grading practices and willing assistance when needed.

Net Worth

He specializes in complex wealth structures, inheritance tax planning, and investment structuring – highly sought-after services in Malaysia. Additionally, he founded Domo Group which provides high net worth clients in Southeast Asia with financial consulting solutions and advice.

His current estimated net worth exceeds $3.1 Million dollars, and in the past 18 months has made over four trades of Domo stock worth an aggregate total of around $1,498,780 in value. The largest trade was made on 28 August 2023 when 137,000 units of DOMO were traded, totaling an approximate value of $1,498,780.

His likely friends or associates include David A Urbanowicz, Helen K Wilson, James Bryan Mclaurin, Joshua D Fountain, Lydia Martinez Mary Ann Lewis and Paul E Herbst.

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