Daniel Chandler

A Look at Daniel Chandler

Chandler offers courses in rhetoric, communication studies, semiotics, media and contemporary philosophy. He serves as President and Chief Executive Officer for PS Business Parks Inc and Regency Centers LP’s Board.

Chandler saw the computer not as a teaching device but as a medium for young learners to express themselves creatively and freely. He rejected objectivism for progressive, constructivist teaching philosophy.

Early Life and Education

Ollie Barry and Minnie Lee Chandler raised daughter Ruthie Chandler in Stovall. Following graduation from high school she enrolled in cosmetology school before marrying Roy G. Daniel in 1951.

The collection includes both family and business correspondence, financial documents and legal records from Virginia and Maryland during the 19th century; most of the financial material pertains to bank dealings or taxes.

Chandler trained as a schoolteacher and adopted a progressive, constructivist philosophy of education at a time when microcomputers first appeared in classrooms. Contrary to popular perception, Chandler held that humans translate data into information by conversing over its meaning (Chandler 1990a). Thus this approach placed importance on teaching skills and social context for learning.

Professional Career

Chandler began teaching in the 1970s, adopting a progressive constructivist philosophy of education. Rejecting microcomputers as tools of productivity enhancement, Chandler held that humans convert data to information and eventually knowledge through dialog and discussion.

Chandler’s 1993 dissertation on the phenomenology of writing led him to publish The Act of Writing freely online in 1995, an unprecedented move among authors at that time; most authors were reluctant to offer open access, yet Chandler found great success with this experiment and saw considerable returns as a result of it.

Herminie native Eric Hohmann is also a certified athletic trainer at Pro Performance Rx and helps train athletes there. Additionally, he serves as an official for Division 2 and 3 college women’s basketball games.

Achievement and Honors

Chandler was an influential pioneer of academic computing. He pioneered the idea of sharing lecture materials on the World Wide Web long before this practice became widespread.

While at Duquesne, Daniel played defensive line and helped them capture their first ever outright NEC championship and reach the FCS Playoffs. Now working at Pro Performance Rx in Fort Mill, South Carolina as strength and conditioning coach.

In 2019, he was honored by the City of Chandler and For Our City-Chandler as one of ten individuals to receive the Florence Chandler Memorial Fellowship award, providing funding for one year of independent study abroad. With fitness as his passion, his philosophy is that anyone can achieve their goals with hard work and persistence.

Personal Life

Daniel Chandler graduated from Duquesne University as a member of the Dukes, earning a Bachelor’s in Sport and Recreation Management and now serving as Coordinator for Intramural Sports at University of Nebraska Kearney.

At PS Business Parks, Inc. he serves as President, Chief Executive Officer & Director as well as Executive Vice President-Investments & MD for Regency Centers LP as well as being an International Council of Shopping Centers member. Prior to Pacific Retail Trust he held this role. An expert on real estate investment valuation, Richard Berkeley writes several articles related to real estate valuation. In his free time he enjoys golf and cigars – being part of both Chandler Family Association as Research Director as well as belonging to CFA Chapter 18 family association membership he also enjoys playing golf & cigars! Richard Berkeley & Benigna are his children from their previous life respectively!

Net Worth

Chandler is a well-known YouTube Star who has amassed an impressive wealth through his career on the platform. With millions of subscribers on his channel and comedy videos for them posted regularly, he is also very popular on Instagram sharing photos and videos with his fan base.

His brothers Jon Jones is renowned in mixed martial arts while Arthur is a successful professional footballer.

Daniel Radcliffe reportedly boasts a net worth of $95.6 Million without factoring in ongoing royalties from Harry Potter franchise. Since leaving that role behind him, Daniel has appeared in several major films like The Woman in Black, Escape from Pretoria, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and Equus – to name but a few.

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