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Denny Hamlin Passes Away

Denny has published multiple articles related to intellectual property law, including an in-depth scholarly piece published in Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Law Journal. In addition, he contributes regularly to NorCal IP blog which tracks notable new filings and verdicts for intellectual property cases in Northern California.

Mary Denny survives along with Scot Brooks and Kevin Denny as well as Cindi Denny Cole, their daughter. In total there are eight grandchildren for Scot.

Early Life and Education

Denny has not only excelled professionally but has also participated in several civic projects. He was a member of the Century Foundation as well as serving on public policy advisory panels. Furthermore, Denny contributed significantly to research and writing of numerous books.

Denny took great joy in buying quirky or unusual items like a 1901 Thomas Edison Cylinder Phonograph to add his collection. When his multiple boxes arrived, his neighbors’ children would come over to open and explore these treasures.

Denny passed away after a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease on September 14, 2017 at his Aurora, Colorado residence. He is survived by his wife Mary; children Scot Brooks and Kevin Denny; grandchildren Layne Cole, Kynlee Brooks (Khloe), Rylin Denny and Anniston Denny as well as sister Darlene O’Brien.

Professional Career

Denny is the founder and director of the Museum of Interesting Things, offering interactive demonstrations/exhibitions at schools and other community venues across North America. His lectures cover antiques, inventions and inspiring innovation by looking back over history’s accomplishments; these have been featured by media such as NY Times, History Channel and Science Channel – in addition to numerous TED talks he has given.

He is one of the co-founders of the Poshuman Forum, with thousands of members and an annual Steampunk Meet in NYC. Additionally, he possesses an affinity for antiques and welding and holds memberships at both 19th Century Society and Beax Arts Society.

Danny was an incredible husband, father and grandfather who will be missed dearly by many. His huge heart will remain deeply felt.

Achievement and Honors

Denny has an extensive history of public service, having held various boards, committees, and council positions. Now he tours schools, libraries, and community venues with an interactive demonstration/exhibit of antiques and inventions from his interactive demonstration/exhibit of antiques/inventions that has been featured in The New York Times, History Channel, various publications, as well as giving 4 TEDx talks.

He has over four decades of experience coaching wrestling at both high school and middle school levels, serving as head coach at W.F. West High School from 1971-2001 and at Chehalis Middle School since 2008.

He is survived by his wife Mary Denny of Yukon, OK; sons Scot Brooks (Kellie) and Kevin Denny (Katie); daughters Cindi Denny Cole and Kathleen Denny; eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Personal Life

Daniel leaves behind his wife Mary from Yukon, Oklahoma as well as his three children Stephen (Donna) Denny of Yukon; Ellen and Tom Copper of Aurora Colorado and Laura Glavich and Rick Glavich from Parker Colorado; grandchildren Christopher Copper of Centennial CO, Taylor Denny from Mustang OK and Blaine Denny from Manitou Springs CO; numerous nieces and nephews as well. Daniel attended St Cloud Cathedral High School as well as Belleville Area College.

He served on the boards of both the 19th Century Society and NYC Steampunk Meet, while being an avid supporter of both organizations. Additionally, he often showed up at Judy’s safe house or Bees Honey Pot as well as shooting duel with Watchdogs and Pervs; always up for an engaging conversation! And most of all he enjoyed good parties, cold beer and telling exciting tales.

Net Worth

Denny Hamlin has amassed an estimated net worth of $65 Million and is one of NASCAR’s highest paid drivers, garnering an excellent reputation on track due to his competitive spirit and enthusiasm. He has inspired fans, colleagues, and fellow drivers through his relentless devotion.

His parents provided early support of his racing dreams, mortgaging their home and selling antique possessions in order to fund his quest for glory. Since joining Joe Gibbs Racing as part of Team Red Bull he has achieved immense success on track – earning multiple playoff berths while coming within touching distance of winning championship titles on multiple occasions.

As well as racing, he has also appeared in multiple TV shows and films; most notably as Jack in Andre Welsh’s drama “Disrupted”, and Sheriff Denny Wilson in horror flick “Penance Lane”. Additionally, in his free time he writes articles about horror films.

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