Daniel Denoux

Agent Daniel Denoux Resigns From Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office

On Friday, four senior officers of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office announced their departure, with Major Edwin Hosli, Lt. Joseph Catalanotto, and Agent Daniel Denoux from OPSO’s Investigative Services Bureau-Criminal Division leaving. These three had earned praise from court-appointed monitors overseeing its reform plan.

A jury found DeNoux and Reboul had been negligent in the shooting, while Cheatham was not contributorily negligent. The trial judge held the City liable for damages to DeNoux and Reboul.

Early Life and Education

Chase D Denoux hails from Covington, Louisiana and currently resides in Scott. He is well known for his work as a bounty hunter, investigative journalist and political commentator as well as being a prominent private investigator with experience working many high-profile cases.

DeNoux has been conducting opposition research on Vitter for an anonymous businessman who wanted to remain unnamed, who requested DeNoux share his findings with Berry who has been investigating Vitter for five years now and published his blog out of civic duty.

Sheryl CHEATHAM filed suit on behalf of herself and her minor son against DANIEL J. DENOUX, Stephen REBOUL and City of New Orleans as Respondents-Defendants. After being tried before a jury, this case resulted in favor of plaintiff, Sheryl Cheatham.

Professional Career

DeNoux had moonlighted as a private investigator prior to joining OPSO from New Orleans Police Department’s off-duty detail unit; their investigations were praised by court-appointed monitors tasked with overseeing its reform pact for being comprehensive and thorough.

DeNoux said he conducted opposition research on Vitter for an anonymous businessman who asked him to share the results with Berry. DeNoux claims this research led Ellis’ claim that he videotaped Vitter making false allegations regarding his financial dealings; Ellis met up with Vitter on October 12 in an undisclosed location; they met again the following night with 90 minutes of video footage, returning back to New Orleans together that evening and posting excerpts on Berry’s blog the same night.

Personal Life

DeNoux, who works as a private investigator, conducted opposition research on Vitter for an unnamed businessman he would not identify and passed the information along to Berry for posting as part of his civic duty blog.

Security camera footage outside Berry’s home revealed the same silver Ford hatchback Dewayne Frenzel had seen at Royal Blend coffee klatch. Berry had remained at home that evening as his wife had fallen ill.

One of the defense witnesses objected to, while testimony from a witness interviewed by a police homicide detective was admitted over their objection. The judge determined it wasn’t hearsay and could be considered by jurors.

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