Daniel Dries

Dr Daniel Dries

Dr Daniel Dries views caring for his patients as both an honor and a calling, listening with patience while treating his clients like members of his own family and collaborating on decisions together with them.

He attended Campion Jesuit High School before enrolling at Marquette University Law School for law studies. Additionally, he is married with two adult children.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Dries is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Juniata College and Chair of IUBMB’s Fellowship Committee for its new triennium. As such, he will review applications submitted by trainees and junior researchers wishing to spend time working in laboratories abroad.

Culley is married to Pearl Culley and they share two children. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania before pursuing fishing and watching Marquette Warriors basketball team games as an avid fan.

He is a member of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and has held positions on multiple boards and committees. A fierce advocate for vaccine safety, particularly concerning people refusing vaccination due to religious objections. He has made numerous podcast appearances including Newcastle in the Morning.

Professional Career

Daniel serves on the Fellowship Committee, representing PABMB (Americas), FEBS (Europe) and FAOBMB (Asia/Oceania). As part of this role, he reviews applications from trainees and junior investigators wishing to spend time working in labs around the globe.

He and Mary Jo, also of Diamond Lake, enjoy fishing both summer and winter. He attended Campion Jesuit High School in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin as well as Marquette University before going on to the Marquette School of Dentistry.

At Akademikern working in private industry, public service or self-employment/freelance environments we examined the relationship between objective and subjective success in terms of reward form, with subjective success measured through different means. Furthermore, this correlation may vary depending on its measurement method.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Dries has received many honors over his distinguished career, most notably being presented the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents Rising Researcher Award in 2021. This annual accolade recognizes faculty from NSHE institutions such as DRI, UNR and UNLV who demonstrate excellence in research activities.

He received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Marquette University, and has exhibited widely, particularly at Honfleur Museum in France.

Recently he has taken on the leadership of IUBMB Fellowship Committee for its new triennium. This committee includes representatives from PABMB (Americas), FEBS and FAOBMB (Europe/Asia/Oceania). They review applications for fellowships that allow students to spend time working in laboratories across different nations.

Personal Life

Daniel is a distinguished journalist who has won several accolades during his career. He has held positions at several reputable publications such as WEBZ and BuzzFeed, and as an anchor and reporter at Boston-area television channel WCVB television station.

He currently serves as Rector of Christ Church St Laurence in Sydney, Australia and has witnessed first-hand how Covid-19 lockdowns can cause disruptions, as well as being quite vocal about vaccine resistance issues.

Jean Dries was an artist of many talents; from dabbling with lithography to serving as curator of the Honfleur Museum to painting for himself he pursued several avenues of artistic endeavors ranging from landscapes (of Normandy and elsewhere), nudes, still lifes, horse races and large scale compositions; no subject left him without inspiration.

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