Daniel Feliciano

Eugene Daniel Feliciano, 49, of Lee County, Florida, Passed Away Friday, June 26, 2020

Early Life and Education

Feliciano has collaborated with numerous musical artists throughout his career, such as Natalie Cole, Gloria Estefan, Chamaco Rivera, Diane Schuur and Paul Simon. Additionally, he recorded several instrumental compositions, with “Affirmation” being released by RCA Records in 1975 and later included as part of jazz guitarist George Benson’s popular album Breezin.

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History holds various items associated with Feliciano’s career, most notably an acoustic guitar that was first used for recording his bolero hits in South America as well as his groundbreaking take on Light My Fire that launched his global music career in 1968.

His Libertarian philosophy emphasizes individual freedom, leading to some criticism for opposing Vermont’s single payer health care plan and Efficiency Vermont, the state-run energy efficiency utility.

Achievement and Honors

Feliciano has gone beyond traditional musical genres in his work. For instance, in 1989 he provided the music for a play written by legendary author Ray Bradbury and composed for this production by writing its musical score himself.

In 2018, he commemorated 50 years since his first international music debut with a concert in his native Puerto Rico, featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda to show the world that this Island, devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017, is open for business.

Feliciano also recorded an album to mark this special occasion with Rick Jarrard in Nashville and Connecticut, remaining active both English and Spanish media throughout his illustrious career and winning two Grammy Awards – his iconic guitar used for his acoustic rendition of “Light My Fire” is now housed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Personal Life

Eugene Daniel Feliciano, 49, from Lee, Florida passed away Friday, June 26, 2020 due to kidney cancer. He was born March 23 in Wayne Michigan.

Carol praises him as someone who believes everyone deserves another chance and who gives generously regardless of whether the recipient can repay. She’s proud of how he walks his younger children to school every day, cheering them on as they attain milestones, and working side-by-side them at their family farm.

Some Libertarian Party members have asked him to drop out and back Milne, but he has refused. Additionally, he refuses to leave his leadership position with Brady Toensing; they believe his positions matter more than votes received.

Net Worth

Eugene Daniel Feliciano, 49, had resided in Lee County for 13 years since moving from Miami. Born March 23 in Wayne Michigan. he passed away Friday June 26 in North Fort Myers.

Attila Eghbali co-founded Clearlake Capital with him and is co-controlling owner of Chelsea FC. Additionally, he works in investment banking at Goldman Sachs while sitting on Stanford University and Smithsonian National Museum of American Latino boards of trustees.

Flor Teuta was his loving spouse for 14 years; and their four children; Eugene Junior Feliciano (Samantha Mercado), Elijah Feliciano, Jasmine Feliciano and Leo Feliciano are his surviving relatives, along with two sisters (Denise Hatkow (Jay), Annette Feliciano Zavalaga and Kevin Feliciano) along with numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews who will all miss him dearly; Private family services were held for their loved ones.

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