Daniel Fred

Interviewing Daniel Fred

Sarah interviews Daniel Fred, former Director of Recovery Programs and National Outreach at Transforming Youth Recovery who also presented at our 2016 National Meeting. Currently he teaches at University of Nevada-Las Vegas’ Addiction Treatment Studies Minor Program CASAT and serves as their Program Leader.

Daniel, Fred and Julie is a record of folk music featuring three-part harmonies and guitar picking/strumming techniques. All songs on the record are old public domain songs meant to be performed together as one duet.

Early Life and Education

Fred was raised in Brooklyn and became widely read on history and politics from an early age. His intense intellect made him part of an influential New York generation with Nathan Glazer, Irving Howe, and Daniel Bell all being close companions.

Fred was living in Brooklyn when he met and married Stella; together they had two children and moved to a suburb outside New York City, where Fred went on to work for the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Fred became active in Vietnam War protests and later familiar with priest Philip Berrigan’s work. In 1969, along with seven others he broke into Catonsville’s draft board to burn its records before they were arrested and brought before a court trial; their story is documented in The Trial of Catonsville Nine one-act play.

Professional Career

Daniel is an experienced professional with four years of experience. His tireless work ethic and quest to perfect customer service skills have enabled him to increase sales by up to 90% while increasing customer loyalty immensely.

Co-Founder and Collegiate Director of Nevada House of Prayer; instructor in Addiction Treatment Studies minor CASAT at University of Nevada; served on multiple local and national recovery boards advocating for increased access to treatment while dismantling stigma related to addiction;

Dan, Fred & Julie is an album unlike anything we have heard from these talented musicians before – it features folk music with three part harmonies, guitar picking & strumming as well as three part vocal harmony arrangements.

Achievement and Honors

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Dan was an engaging scientist and remarkable communicator who made science accessible to nonscientific audiences and policy makers alike. He led his laboratory during its turbulent days of ozone depletion and climate change research; always remaining an unwavering workhorse who cared deeply for both his staff and associates alike.

His death leaves behind three children, grandchildren and one great grandchild who miss him greatly; but his legacy lives on through NOAA’s annual Dan Albritton Outstanding Science Communicator award.

Personal Life

Daniel Fred was devoted to his family, being both husband and father. Additionally, he enjoyed diving the depths of Guam’s underwater terrain as an avid scuba diver.

His passion for the sea inspired his art and it has been featured in museums around the world. Additionally, he served on various boards advocating for recovery while dispelling stigma associated with addiction.

He was an advocate for LGBT rights, vegetarian, and staunch supporter of the environment – three interests which will be greatly missed by his family and friends. He leaves his wife, daughters Jill Luke and Daniel Schroeder as well as numerous nieces and nephews behind – his parents were left distraught over his passing; a true gentleman who always displayed his heart on his sleeve.

Net Worth

He boasts a total net worth of $25 Million. As a footballer, he earns millions annually through football earnings. Additionally, his team competes against some of the most recognized teams.

Daniel is the son of a Ugandan mother and an English father; he possesses African-English heritage and practices Christianity. Daniel chose not to attend University of Maryland College Park due to its focus on career-based learning.

He began acting with small roles on British TV series like Skins and Black Mirror before his breakout role in Get Out became an incredible success, earning him both a BAFTA Award nomination as well as other prestigious honors and increasing his net worth exponentially. Get Out also helped land him high-profile roles such as Black Panther and Widows movies.

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