Daniel Goldstone

Daniel Goldstone

Daniel Goldstone is a lawyer specializing in creditor’s rights and debt collection. He earned his LL.B from University of Rochester before attending Emory University School of Law for legal studies.

The Committee found that Goldstone violated both DR 1-102(A) and 2-106(A). He deducted costs from monies collected for closed files without Sears’ knowledge, depriving her of proper compensation for his efforts.

Early Life and Education

Goldstone may not have made for an arresting presence, with his slim build and dark hair neatly arranged across a prominent forehead; yet his diligence and expertise earned him acclaim as a leader who could rise above politics’ passions to lead effectively.

Ben was not quite as engaging or committed to Jewish observance as Kitty; however, he shared her drive for change and encouraged their children to feel proud and responsible about the world they inhabited.

Goldstone exemplified this spirit through his work in international justice. His selfless acts and sacrifices prove that even in an environment characterized by prejudice, nationalism, and disdain for human rights a single individual can advance justice for all. Goldstone was an inspirational figure; yet also tragic.

Professional Career

Terris writes that throughout his career, Goldstone steadfastly adhered to three core principles. These included accountability for those responsible; equality before the law (in South Africa for instance he addressed both apartheid regime and ANC wrongdoing equally); and an unwavering faith in international institutions even when flawed. She suggests this last deep held belief might have prevented traumatic episodes from emerging later in his career.

Daniel Goldstone built upon his outstanding academic career at Rochester by enrolling at Emory Law School and then opening up a practice that eventually evolved into Goldstone & Sudalter, PC.

Debt Collection Services LLC specializes in debt collection for both original and secondary creditors, such as debt buyers and attorneys, including debt buyers themselves. In addition, they help companies address their bad debt needs by purchasing charged off commercial and consumer accounts.

Achievement and Honors

Goldstone graduated with honor from his undergraduate studies, receiving the University’s highest academic distinction by receiving cum laude. Additionally, he sang with the Yellowjackets (an undergraduate-only traditional acapella group).

After graduating, he launched his legal career at one of Boston’s premier law firms and worked to advance diversity within the legal profession. Additionally, he has served as an educator and mentor for young lawyers while being committed to aiding those in need.

Goldstone has also proven himself a champion mountain biker, winning world championships and awards along with performing in various musical theatrical productions. Additionally, he is proud father to two and lives in Wolcott, Connecticut with Carla Valletta Goldstone where they enjoy photography, the New York Yankees, rap music and much more!

Personal Life

Daniel Goldstone is a pioneering independent record label founder in Boston and beyond, known for producing many hit songs such as “Of All The Hearts.” His records are collectors items globally. Furthermore, Daniel has performed in several musical theater productions around Boston.

The committee determined that Goldstone violated S.J.C. Rule 3:07, Canon 9, and DR 7-101 when he retained collected fees and expenses to which he wasn’t entitled under his 1987 agreement with Sears.

Goldstone was raised to question everything and take an independent stance, so it comes as no surprise that he challenges conventional medical treatments for his prostate cancer. According to him, physicians treat only symptoms while it’s up to patients themselves to address its causes.

Net Worth

Daniel Goldstone, who founded an initial debt collection service and later an investment firm, is worth millions. His net worth includes vast holdings of real estate and interests in other companies as well as musical theatrical production investments.

The board recommends disbarment based on the undisputed facts in this case and their acceptance of the committee’s findings. They found that Goldstone billed and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and costs on closed cases without Sears’s knowledge, without receiving payment in return.

Goldstone cannot credibly assert that his failure to call Sears employees as witnesses was due to misperceptions about whether such testimony would be excluded from evidence.

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