Daniel Gorak

Daniel Gorak – Table Tennis Player and Coach

Daniel Gorak, a world-renowned Polish table tennis player who competed at the 2016 Olympics. Since he was little, Daniel has enjoyed playing table tennis. He credits his passion to his family who have always supported him along his journey; taking his first major step when moving to Drzonkow with his new trainer at age 14.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Gorak was born October 9th 1983 in Krakow, Poland into a sports family where table tennis played an instrumental role. At eighteen years old he won his first major title as Junior European Champion – this became an epicenter for his success allowing him to go onto compete at higher levels such as Olympic Games 2016 as a 12-time Polish Champion!

Professional Career

Daniel Gorak was born October 9th 1983 in Krakow, Poland and has been playing and coaching table tennis for more than 25 years. He has competed in multiple tournaments such as the 2016 Olympics as a participant or coach and twelve time Polish Champions.

He served on the national team for 22 years, participating in many major international sporting events such as World Championships and European Games. By age 18, he earned his first notable title – becoming Individual Junior European Champion.

Gorak currently holds a USATT rating of over 2700 and is competing in over 110 tournaments this year, in addition to coaching at Lakeland Table Tennis Center in Florida. His success in accomplishing his goals lies in following his passion while remaining focused on each task at hand.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Gorak is an esteemed table tennis player and coach, having competed at the 2016 Olympic Games as a 12-time Polish and three-time French Champion. Additionally, he holds an impressive world ranking as well as being founder of Pro Table Tennis Consulting.

Recently, he has secured a role in Adam Shroeder’s sci-fi thriller Attach, alongside Alex Russell and produced by Adam Shroeder. Additionally, he will direct an original script in order to direct this feature film.

In 2015, he was chosen as one of five emerging artists to receive the Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Fund for Performing and Visual Arts Fellowship grants of $50k per year for two years to artists on the verge of professional breakthrough. This was the highest grant given out by this foundation.

Personal Life

Daniel Gorak combines professional success with family values. His wife and children are very supportive of his endeavors and encourage him to continue following his dreams. Daniel credits them as being responsible for keeping him at such an elite level of competition.

At September Lakeland tournament, he defeated two top-rated Brazilian players to win Colossal Round Robin event. He enjoys coming to Lakeland because of its welcoming people and amazing atmosphere; plans include becoming an American citizen while continuing professional playing here; even coaching a top junior player from USA whom he hopes can emulate his own success as he has done for so many other top players worldwide.

Net Worth

Daniel Gorak is an acclaimed professional table tennis player who has amassed numerous tournament victories and championships throughout his career. Born in Krakow, Poland on October 9th 1983 and discovering table tennis through his father when he was six, Daniel quickly took an interest in it and has been passionate about it ever since.

Paramount Pictures has won the bidding war for writer-director Chris Gorak’s sci-fi spec script Attach. Alex Russell from Chronicle plays a star athlete who becomes permanently attached with cutting-edge bionic prosthetics that may have destructive intentions of their own. Adam Schroeder (Chronicle, Sleepy Hollow) will produce and production is set to commence this summer. Gorak first made his directing debut with 2006 thriller Right at Your Door.

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