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A Closer Look at Daniel Herendeen

Professor Herendeen’s research interests center around the English Renaissance. Additionally, his studies include early modern literature and culture.

Witness 1 was instrumental in helping investigators identify Herendeen. According to court documents, Witness 1 stated that Herendeen showed him black tinted goggles, combat-style belt, body armor and face covering with the American flag displayed as part of his gear.

Early Life and Education

Herendeen earned both his undergraduate degree in religion and graduate degree in coaching and athletic administration at Concordia at Irvine in 2015. As head coach for men’s tennis for Concordia’s Blue Hose team in 2014 – his second season leading them – Herendeen led them to win their inaugural Big South regular season championship for men’s tennis in Big South regular season play!

One of the associates identified by FBI officials reported seeing Herendeen present black tinted goggles, combat style belt, canister of “antifa spray,” body armor and an American flag-themed face covering as items he displayed to them. They further discussed traveling to Washington in support of President Trump. The witness also claimed Schornak had discussed making the trip.

Herendeen and Schornak of Chesterfield Township have entered into plea agreements for unlawfully entering restricted buildings or grounds, which carries a maximum jail sentence of one year in jail.

Professional Career

Daniel Herendeen of Macomb County was charged with participating in the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol and has agreed to a plea-bargaining deal that calls for six months in jail as well as providing access to federal investigators to his social media accounts.

An associate of Herendeen assisted police with their identification as he prepared to travel to Washington D.C. He informed them that Herendeen showed him black tinted goggles, a combat style belt, a knife, an “antifa spray” canister, body armor and face covering depicting an American flag – items identified by FBI as belonging to him.

Herendeen and another Michigan man named Robert Schornak from Roseville have since entered into a plea bargain that drops the other charges against them; however, restitution will still need to be paid in relation to $1.4 million of damages caused by them to the Capitol building.

Achievement and Honors

Herendeen accepted his current role at Furman in 2016 after four years leading his alma mater, Presbyterian University. While at Presbyterian he amassed an overall record of 79-42 and won his conference’s championship for the first time ever during that time period.

The FBI utilized associates of both Herendeen and Schornak to assist them with identification through social media images and messages. Herendeen’s Facebook page included a video showing him near the Capitol wearing clothing similar to Schornak; body armor, knife and canister of antifa spray were all mentioned along with black goggles, combat style belt, American flag face covering.

New York State Trooper Daniel Eberly and Ontario County Sheriff’s Deputy Cory Herendeen were recently honored by the Victor-Farmington Rotary Club with Service Above Self awards for their dedication in protecting local communities. Mallory and Colleen Herendeen received recognition as well for supporting these officers.

Personal Life

He is married to Hannah Daniel and they share two children together. They reside in Crystal Palace, London. In his free time he enjoys sports such as golf and snowboarding; competing in events like Snowdonia Marathon.

Herendeen married Gloria Munda from Freeport; together they had one child together: Sarah who died before any vital records could be located for her demise date.

An associate of Herendeen forwarded information to the FBI concerning his activities, helping investigators to identify him and Robert “Bobby” Schornak – another Michigan man arrested in relation to the Jan. 6 riots – via their association. That individual reported seeing Herendeen with gear including black tinted goggles, combat style belt, knife, canister of “antifa spray”, body armor and face covering depicting an American flag on it.

Net Worth

Daniel Herendeen of Roseville knew when the FBI began raiding his Commonwealth Street home that it meant trouble: agents were looking for two of his friends involved in the Jan. 6 riots at Washington’s U.S. Capitol Building and surrounding area. Herendeen and Robert “Bobby” Schornak from Macomb County were arrested as part of the federal investigation into the storming of the Capitol Building, facing charges such as obstruction of Congress, aiding and abetting disorderly conduct and entry into restricted areas. Herendeen has agreed to a plea bargain deal that calls for him to serve six months in prison and allows federal investigators access to his social media accounts and any related data about events surrounding January 6th. Schornak is scheduled to enter into a similar plea arrangement later in November.

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