Daniel Hersh

Meet Daniel Hersh, a Distinguished Alumnus of St Mark’s School of Texas

Daniel Hersh is a renowned investigative journalist. He is best known as the person responsible for publishing the Pentagon Papers, which exposed government secrets concerning Vietnam War. This led to a national discussion about foreign policy within the US.

After practicing for several years as the chiropractic physician for Alvin Ailey Dance Company’s Dancers in Training program in Manhattan, Hersh relocated her practice to Northwest Connecticut. Kaila followed in Hersh’s footsteps and studied Chiropractic with an emphasis on non-invasive scoliosis treatments.

Early Life and Education

Hersh can recall vivid memories of the Holocaust as his family suffered under its impact. Isaac Herszkowicz died during the war while Riwka and four of her siblings perished with most of her extended Polish Jewish relatives in its wake.

Hersh persevered despite these losses to become a successful businessman, working as an investment banker and serving on several public company boards. Additionally, he currently oversees a family investment office focused on sectors across the economy.

Hersh is also active in the nonprofit arena, giving away millions through his Hersh Foundation to mental health initiatives and leadership development programs in North Texas. Since the coronavirus outbreak, Hersh feels renewed meaning in his work.

Professional Career

Hersh stands 5 feet 11 and 150 pounds and boasts an excellent two-handed backhand as well as quick court coverage. Additionally, his focus lies in strategic play rather than winning individual points.

In 2015, he caused great outrage for reporting that both U.S. and Pakistani governments lied about details surrounding Osama bin Laden’s death during an American and Pakistani raid. Later on he wrote best-selling books on Watergate scandal, Henry Kissinger and Israel’s nuclear programme.

Hersh has taken to helping organizations through his foundation. The coronavirus crisis has shown him how important his new focus is; with Julie as his partner they have given away over $30 Million for mental health initiatives, leadership development programs, cultural institutions and cultural causes in North Texas alone. They have two millennial offspring each, making the family unit complete.

Achievement and Honors

Hersh has long been active in supporting nonprofits both personally and through his Hersh Family Foundation. He sits on the boards of several foundations such as Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation, Communities Foundation of Texas, and Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation as an advisory board member. Hersh serves on the boards of both the Texas Rangers Baseball Club and Dallas Citizens Council, is a Distinguished Alumnus from St. Mark’s School of Texas and frequently speaks at energy conferences as a keynote speaker – according to Albin he has an amazing gift for entertaining audiences! Hersh has performed impressions of Jack Nicholson’s Col. Nathan Jessup from A Few Good Men and Bill Murray’s unhinged groundskeeper Carl Spackler from Caddyshack over time, receiving both Lifetime Achievement Awards from his alma mater and an Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of these feats.

Personal Life

Dr. Hersh has many interests and is involved in both local and national nonprofit work through his personal commitment and through the Foundation he established in Texas – Communities Foundation of Texas and Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation are just two such bodies that he serves on.

He and his wife Julie are ardent supporters of arts, education and the North Texas mental health community; having donated over $30 Million toward leadership development programs and other charitable causes.

Hersh is known for being strategic, opportunistic and quick-thinking. Friends and family often refer to him as lucky; even writing a book called “Getting Lucky” about it! Hersh believes America works because of the public/private partnership and because we have more connected, invested citizens than most nations around the globe.

Net Worth

Hersh made headlines throughout the 1990s and early 2000s as the host of Houston’s Randall & Dewey energy conference, drawing big laughs with his hilarious impressions of Jack Nicholson’s Col. Nathan Jessup from A Few Good Men as well as Bill Murray’s unhinged groundskeeper Carl Spackler from Caddyshack.

He serves on the boards of both the George W. Bush Foundation and Dallas Citizens Council as well as being appointed to Hoover Institution’s Board of Overseers. Additionally, he sits on Texas Rangers baseball team’s and Dallas Civic Forum boards of directors.

He and his wife Julie have donated $30 million to North Texas mental health initiatives, leadership development programs, education institutions and cultural institutions. Hersh actively seeks out investment opportunities like those presented by esports – where he holds the largest single share in Team Envy Gaming from Dallas.

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