Daniel Hibshoosh

Who is Daniel Hibshoosh?

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Early Life and Education

Hibshoosh family was unlike many Yemenite Jews in that it did not face poverty, yet still managed to prosper. Aharon Hibshoosh’s father worked in Levinsky Market importing spices from Bombay and India.

Business flourished until 1948 riots and Gamal Abdel Nasser’s expulsion of Jews from Egypt. One of its agents, Sulayman Hibshoosh of Sanaani origin, left Egypt and settled in pre-state Israel where his descendants continued the family business.

The Book of Daniel offers hope to those experiencing hardship. It recounts a wise man and three of his compatriots’ trials in Babylon, providing encouragement to people undergoing hardship. According to its prophet, its central theme teaches readers that those with faith can resist temptation and overcome adversity more readily – epitomizing an ancient Jewish tradition still prevalent today.

Professional Career

Daniel Hibshoosh has been actively engaged in the financial industry for more than a decade. As partner at a private investment firm, he specializes in mergers and acquisitions as well as serving on several boards of several companies as a director. Furthermore, Daniel Hibshoosh has written several books.

He loves traveling and has visited countries such as Singapore, France and Russia. Additionally, he’s known for being a good friend and colleague among his colleagues.

He is known to use various aliases such as D Hibshoosh, Danie Hibshoosh and Daniel Mark Hibshoosh and has previously resided at 100 Luquer Street Apartment 7B in Brooklyn.

Personal Life

Daniel Hibshoosh currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and is unmarried. He has previously been known by various names or aliases: D Hibshoosh, Danie Hibshoosh, Daniel Hibshoosh and Daniel Mark Hibshoosh; known to work alongside Alicyn S Mindel, Amelie Collins Andrew J Stalbaum and Benjamin J Sage among others; lived at 100 Luquer Street Apt 7B as well as 200 Atlantic Ave Apt 3D respectively; has no known family members; or social media profiles either; nor currently available email.

Net Worth

Hibshoosh has an estimated net worth of $350 Million. He owns luxury properties and numerous businesses spanning various sectors, and co-owns the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings as co-owner. Currently residing at 100 Luquer Street Apt 7B in Brooklyn NY; previously living at 200 Atlantic Ave APT 3D and 100 Atlantic Av APT 4H respectively he also uses several aliases such as D Hibshoosh or Daniel Mark Hibshoosh among others.

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