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Daniel Hindler – Actor – Net Worth of $4 Million

Daniel Hendler is an attorney from New York who specializes in complex commercial litigation, particularly mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) claims. Hendler plays an essential role in McKool Smith’s exceptional financial litigation practice.

Santiago Mitre of Argentina is currently filming his third feature Petite fleur in France with Iosi Havilio, Daniel Hendler, Louis Garrel and Vimala Pons as lead actors.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Hendler hails from Fall River, Nova Scotia and attended the University of Technology Sydney where he studied property economics. Following this experience he then went into real estate, before pursuing acting – appearing in films such as “25 Watts” with Andres Pazos and Cara de Queso, among many others.

Hendler has also appeared in various television shows and movies. With a passion for science and nature, his hobbies include reading and photography. His network of family and friends support him throughout his endeavors.

Santiago Mitre (The Student, Paulina) directs this Maneki Films production starring Uruguayans Daniel Hendler, Vimala Pons, Melvil Poupaud and Sergi Lopez from Maneki Films for Maneki Films’ production company Maneki Films. It will premiere as part of San Sebastian Festival’s Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum.

Professional Career

Hendler has enjoyed an accomplished acting career. Hendler is best known for starring in films by Daniel Burman (2001), Alfredo Casero (Every Stewardess Goes to Heaven 2002) and Ramiro Aguero (El Fondo Del Mar 2003).

He has also worked behind the camera. In 2010, he wrote and directed “Norberto’s Deadline”, an unconventional character study with bits of dark humor.

Hendler is a partner in the firm’s Litigation and Intellectual Property Groups, where his focus lies in complex patent litigation. He has advised clients on various matters related to intellectual property matters including FDA-related patent litigation; more recently he represented Purdue Pharma in Hatch-Waxman patent litigation concerning Amneal and Kashiv’s Abbreviated New Drug Application for Oxycodone.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Hindler has appeared in several films, such as 25 Watts and Every Stewardess Goes to Heaven. Additionally, he made appearances in Ramiro Aguero’s El Fondo Del Mar as well as Sabado and Los Paranoicos drama series.

Hendler made his directorial debut with Norberto apenas tarde in 2009. Since then, Hendler has won several awards and is considered to be one of the leading actors of Uruguayan New Cinema.

Hendler’s success may be linked to his zodiac sign of Capricorn. Capricorns tend to be hardworking individuals with strong work ethics and discipline – traits which undoubtedly assisted in reaching his film industry goals and developing into an accomplished director. Additionally, Hendler has solidified his reputation as a multi-talented artist.

Personal Life

Daniel Hendler has long been in the limelight due to his many acting roles and career achievements, yet many remain curious as to whether or not he is married and whether/how many children he may have.

Hendler was born January 3rd 1976 as a Capricorn, according to Western astrology. People born under this zodiac sign tend to be ambitious and hardworking individuals with an appreciation of responsibility and discipline.

Hendler has achieved great success as an actor thanks to this personality trait, appearing in several Argentine films including 25 Watts by Alfredo Casero and Ramiro Aguero’s El Fondo Del Mar as well as numerous theatre and television productions.

Net Worth

Daniel Hendler has amassed an estimated net worth of $4 Million as an actor and performer in film, television, theatre, Argentine cinema (having appeared in 25 Watts among others) as well as international cinema.

Hendler was born January 3, 1976 as a Capricorn. These individuals tend to be ambitious and work hard towards reaching their goals; which could explain his dedication and success in his craft and career.

Hendler is currently married to Ana Katz and has two children. As an ISTJ personality type, Hendler prefers following processes and procedures. Recently, Hendler appeared in Netflix series Community Squad about an urban squad made up of people with disabilities and minorities protecting Palermo in Buenos Aires from criminal elements.

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