Daniel Humm Net Worth

Daniel Humm Net Worth – How Much Is Daniel Humm Worth?

Daniel Humm is an award-winning Swiss chef and restaurant owner who has become an esteemed culinary figure. Through dedication to his craft and hard work, Daniel has found great success.

He is co-owner of Eleven Madison Park, NoMad Los Angeles and NoMad Las Vegas as well as co-founder of Make It Nice Hospitality Group with Will Guidara.

Early Life and Education

Born September 1976 in Strengelbach, Switzerland, Humm began working at restaurants at just 14 years old. Over time he learned his trade at some of Switzerland’s premier hotels and eateries.

Humm first moved to the United States in 2003, becoming executive chef at Campton Place in San Francisco and garnering four stars from The San Francisco Chronicle. Three years later he relocated to New York City, quickly establishing himself as an influential chef with much to contribute.

Make It Nice Hospitality Group was co-founded by Adam Davies to oversee operations of Eleven Madison Park, The NoMad Hotel New York City, NoMad Los Angeles and Davies and Brook. Davies also published several cookbooks which received critical acclaim, and added to his net worth. Furthermore, Davies actively supports various charitable endeavors as a means of making a positive difference in society.

Professional Career

Daniel Humm has quickly made an impressionful career for himself since leaving school at 14. Through hard work and dedication he has become one of the world’s premier chefs, amassing an immense fortune that allows him to live an comfortable lifestyle.

Current, he serves as co-owner and executive chef at Michelin star rated restaurant Eleven Madison Park, earning accolades from organizations like James Beard Foundation and New York Times.

Humm has also established himself in the social media realm by engaging with and inspiring his fans across multiple platforms. He strongly advocates using local ingredients and has even promoted plant-based cuisine.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Humm is an esteemed culinary master with an impressive resume in both US and London restaurants, including Eleven Madison Park, NoMad Los Angeles/Vegas/Made Nice/Davies & Brook.

Philanthropic work and sponsoring various events are also among his passions, while he has written multiple books and become a popular television personality.

As an accomplished restaurant owner, Humm has amassed an immense fortune. His successes have earned him various accolades and awards, such as three Michelin stars for Eleven Madison Park. Humm is known for his generous nature; giving back to the community through various philanthropic efforts. Justine, Vivienne and Colette are his daughters from previous relationships – although Geneen Wright also gave birth.

Personal Life

Humm’s charitable activities have made him an iconic figure within the culinary community, serving as an example for other chefs to follow in giving back and supporting causes they care about. His philanthropy stands as an inspiration to other chefs alike.

Humm is best-known for owning Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad, both acclaimed establishments which have significantly contributed to his net worth. He also owns Davies & Brook and Made Nice as more casual dining options.

Humm is married to Geneen Wright and they share three daughters Vivienne, Colette, and Justine. Humm has recently begun dating Demi Moore openly on social media as well as frequently posting pictures of his meals demonstrating his culinary prowess.

Net Worth

Chef Humm is one of the world’s premier chefs. His success in winning accolades from esteemed institutions has served as an inspiration to budding chefs all around the world.

His passion for cooking has made him a widely recognized figure on social media and continues to gain ground. Additionally, he has written multiple cookbooks which have significantly contributed to building up his net worth.

In 2011, he and business partner Will Guidara purchased Eleven Madison Park, already awarded three Michelin stars. Since then they have opened NoMad New York, NoMad Los Angeles and Made Nice fast casual restaurants.

Humm has not lost track of his humble roots despite his success and remains committed to giving back through charitable contributions and partnerships and sponsorships.

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