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Celebrity Biography: Jean Jeans

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Early Life and Education

Jean’s parents immigrated from Haiti without formal education, leaving his mother to rely on cleaning jobs to support a family of six. When Jean was suspended for fighting, his mom made an impactful statement that changed his trajectory significantly; when his mom remarked harshly about not ever having to pick him up due to bad grades she sparked his transformation; applying to Ramapo College even when told by recruiters he’d never get in was part of this plan for success.

He now works as an author, consultant and motivational speaker, receiving graduation photos from students he never met with notes thanking him for inspiring them. He holds both an MBA from State University of New York at Buffalo and PhD in French literature from Middlebury; in addition to that membership in Saint Simon Foundation’s think tank.

Professional Career

Daniel strived throughout his professional life to mentor and lift up those around him. A true leader in his field, Daniel will always be remembered fondly as being kind and approachable – always being there first when calling to wish birthdays or anniversaries well.

Daniel had an exceptional public service career that included postings overseas including two tours to Haiti. Daniel was deeply affected by the outpouring of solidarity during these tours and believes philanthropy can change the world for good. Daniel actively supported War Amps and various charities during his tour to Haiti as well as being an inaugural founding member of Fondation Emergence; currently living with Laura in River North Chicago with their timber-loft home.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel’s positive attitude, desire to aid both students and staff members, and her dedication to Bentley all make a difference, according to her co-workers. Daniel has helped organize student advisor meetings, develop brochures for departmental use and assisted in recruiting new faculty members.

In 2014, she joined ABC Family series Switched at Birth as a guest actor through its final season finale in 2017. Additionally, she co-starred in Deaf West Theatre’s production of Cyrano and Orphee.

As a first-generation college student, Daniel’s parents stressed the value of an education and being an active participant in society. To honour their legacy, Daniel established the Jean and Robert Saraceno American Dream Scholarship Fund at Ohio State, supporting first-generation students whose career objectives align with U.S. national security.

Net Worth

Daniel has had an active acting career and his bank account shows it. He’s been featured in numerous movies, TV miniseries, and stage productions; with Harry Potter earning him over $95.6 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Gilmore Jacobs Ltd was established by his parents in 2000, so there are also investments and earnings from Gilmore Jacobs that help heave up some wealth for him.

Daniel holds significant shares in several companies, such as private jet operator Nicholas Air and clothing and sportswear brand Lacoste. Additionally, endorsement deals that contribute to his bank account growth annually also make an impactful statement about him as an individual. Daniel currently resides in Jupiter, Florida where he owns an extravagant house as well as amassed car collection worth millions.

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