Daniel Kawahara

Daniel Kawahara

Early Life and Education

Tak Kawahara was born to American parents of Japanese descent. During World War II, his family were interned for relocation purposes in Los Angeles where he later lived. From an early age onwards he learned painting skills and developed an interest in nature and the sea which would later shape him as an individual.

Daniel Kawahara was born in 1947 and currently resides in Wailuku, Hawaii at seventy-one years old. In the past he lived in Scottsdale Arizona and Melrose Park Illinois.

Personal Life

Kawahara specializes in Lepidoptera phylogenetics, systematics, fossils, life history evolution and genomics; his main areas of concentration are Sphingidae and Gracillariidae moths. He conducts fieldwork throughout the world collecting specimens for both morphological and genomic studies.

Though he works professionally as a biologist, he still finds time to enjoy nature by hiking and spending quality time with his family – his children being the greatest source of pride in his heart and joy!

He was also an accomplished photographer and filmmaker, having directed a short film on nature education in the US as well as working on another documentary focused on biodiversity conservation. Dondi Maria Smith survived him along with son Shawn Thomas Smith as well as several nieces and nephews.

Net Worth

Daniel Kawahara has an estimated net worth of about $5 Million. He is married to Annalena Baerbock and works both as an author and in real estate development.

He currently resides in Wailuku HI but previously lived in Scottsdale AZ and Melrose Park IL; he is seventy-one years old.

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