Daniel Kayoboke

Daniel Kayoboke

Daniel Kayoboke, an esteemed Nigerian actor who first made an impression through Mak Kusare’s movie Sarah’s Choice in 1994, went on to star in numerous more movies and earned widespread acclaim. Additionally, Daniel is a successful lawyer specializing in patent infringement/validity analysis/freedom to operate analysis/USPTO proceedings/general IP licensing matters.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Kayoboke is an IRS registered tax preparer based in San Diego, California who offers his services to both individuals and small businesses. Additionally, he serves as both public speaker and educator, having spoken at several educational conferences on topics related to technology use in classroom settings.

Daniel has an incredible passion for education and is dedicated to ensuring every child in America receives an excellent education. For over 20 years he has worked in education; most recently as the Chief Program Officer for Girls Who Code where he managed programs from elementary grades through early career education.

Daniel began acting at an early age, appearing in films such as Sarah’s Choice and Ladies’ Men. Additionally, he has made appearances on several TV shows like MTV’s “The Real World: Brooklyn”. Daniel holds an MA from Southern Connecticut State University.

Personal Life

Daniel was one of twelve siblings born to long-childless parents who petitioned their abbot to allow him to join the monastery even though he was too young, at age twelve. Ultimately he was allowed in and spent years there learning about St Simeon the Stylite whose footsteps he decided to follow.

After years of traveling around, he eventually settled down in a church believed to be plagued with demons where he spent nine years exorcising spirits and healing people as they came either on foot or ships – growing significantly more popular as his reputation spread. During this period, Saint Basil gained immense renown.

Fame came with many threats against his life and image; yet through it all he continued his ministry until having a vision which convinced him it was time for him to retire and do just that.

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