Daniel Kosek

Daniel Kosek

Daniel Kosek is an American historian specializing in Cold War history. According to him, media plays an essential role in shaping the New Cold War; therefore it’s imperative that individuals gain access to information regarding it.

Kelly Siegler of Oxygen’s “Cold Justice” traveled to Crowley County, Colorado in 2019 to assist local officials with the reinvestigation of Kittie Koseck’s murder case. What they found shocked Kelly immensely.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Kosek was born in 1959 – the year that saw the American flag change to 50 stars – and 13 when terrorist group Black September, with assistance from German neo-nazis, abducted and murdered 11 Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympic Games.

Kosek currently hosts the popular Oxygen series Cold Justice, in which prosecutors investigate unsolved murder cases with local law enforcement. In 2019, he traveled to Crowley County, Colorado, in order to assist local officials in re-investigating Kittie Koseck’s case; she is 34-years old mother of five daughters.

Though her death was initially classified as suicide, local police have discovered reports of abuse and evidence which suggest otherwise. Her family and friends have refused to accept that she would have committed self-sabotage and have asked investigators to uncover who killed her.

Professional Career

Kosek has spent his professional career as both a journalist and author, writing several books that explore various social issues. Additionally, he is active in projects aimed at uncovering truth behind specific situations. Kosek believes strongly in the media’s power to ensure laws are upheld fairly and justice served equitably.

Reputable as an adept problem-solver and great team player, his abilities make him a valued addition to numerous organizations.

He is currently working on the second season of Cold Justice, a real crime investigation series featuring Kelly Siegler and his team as they revisit past murder cases to make arrests or gain convictions – the show has led to 49 arrests and 21 convictions and airs on Oxygen.

Achievement and Honors

Kosek makes tremendous contributions to his community. He serves on multiple committees and groups – such as the MCB graduate group steering committee and mentoring underrepresented students through iMCB – while volunteering at events and actively supporting local arts and music scenes.

Cold Justice, featuring Kelly Siegler as its lead protagonist, played an invaluable role in solving many unsolved cases in America. Reopening old murder investigations to reveal their truth proved crucial.

Robert has received numerous honors and awards for his efforts, such as the President’s Citation and SUNY Brockport’s annual Honors and Awards Ceremony, where thousands of students from across campus come together for an impressive celebration of academic accomplishments in all areas of study. It has long been recognized as an event with lasting traditions.

Personal Life

Kosek is an outspoken supporter of human rights. He believes the judiciary serves an essential role in Russia and should remain free of political influence; everyone deserves fair treatment regardless of status or background.

Recently he took part in a Cold Justice episode where he investigated reports of Russian torture in Ukraine and discussed current state of New Cold War.

Kittie Koseck’s death was initially classified as suicide; however, local law enforcement have discovered stories of abuse and evidence which does not suggest self-destruction. Her daughters refuse to accept that their mother took her own life and begged authorities for answers on who murdered her. Kelly Siegler from Oxygen’s Cold Justice traveled to Crowley County this year in order to assist with their re-investigation process.

Net Worth

Daniel Koseck is an extremely successful businessperson who has amassed an immense fortune through his endeavors – his net worth as of 2020 is $4 Million.

Koseck was married to Kittie Koseck, a 34-year-old mother of six who died suddenly in 1993 at 34. Her death caused distressful shockwaves within her family for some time after three of Kittie’s daughters claimed they experienced brutal torture at his hands but were ignored by most authorities. Until 2019 when Kelly Siegler of Oxygen’s Cold Justice ventured to Crowley County Colorado with local officers to reinvestigate this case and what she found completely stunned her.

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