Daniel Krasner

Daniel Krasner – Executive Vice President of Business Development for Summit Behavioral Healthcare

Daniel Krasner serves Summit Behavioral Healthcare Addiction Treatment Centers as Executive Vice President of Business Development based out of Marietta, GA United States.

With his tailored suits and well-groomed silver hair, this man could easily pass for a senator. But instead, his square jaw and freewheeling lifestyle often get him into trouble.

Early Life and Education

Daniel works as a Junior Research Analyst for JUST Capital where he conducts communities stakeholder research. In addition, Daniel serves as a clinical recovery advocate and mentors young adults on their path towards living a meaningful and healing life. Daniel has led youth in addiction recovery trips with Birthright Israel, while also sitting on Kennesaw State University’s Center for Young Adult Collegiate Recovery’s board.

Last summer, Krasner’s office sent shockwaves through Philadelphia police union by filing first-degree murder charges against one of its members over the death of unarmed David Jones at 30. When Jones pulled his gun, an officer shot twice into his back; both times striking Jones twice with lethal force before shooting was stopped by passerby.

Professional Career

Daniel has been involved in high profile securities class action litigations such as the IPO Litigation and Mutual Fund Timing Litigation on behalf of institutional investors, obtaining significant recoveries for them as well as governance reform measures for them.

He has assisted universities in creating collegiate recovery programs and is often called upon by parent education groups and clinical recovery advocates as an expert speaker. Furthermore, he boasts extensive business development expertise within behavioral healthcare.

Krasner made headlines throughout his three decades as a defense attorney, often advocating for tougher laws on drug possession and gun ownership. For example, he proposed compelling police officers to testify regarding their use of force; complained about prosecutors withholding evidence from defense attorneys; and advocated for stronger laws regarding possession and ownership of guns and drugs.

Achievement and Honors

An unlikely candidate from Philadelphia who promises to change the system from within mounts a longshot campaign for district attorney. Surprising the establishment, he ultimately prevails and wins by an overwhelming margin.

The new District Attorney discovers six boxes containing evidence of prosecutorial misconduct in the case against Mumia Abu-Jamal. Unfortunately, he finds himself struggling to convince his colleagues of its significance.

PKF provided direct support grants to 106 artists and cultural institutions during 2021-22, enabling them to purchase materials, rent studio space, prepare for and mount exhibitions, attend residencies and publish monographs accompanying Matthew Angelo Harrison’s Proto solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel as well as supporting previously visual artists including Josely Carvalho and Laddie John Dill’s works.

Personal Life

Krasner stands out in an industry where the stereotype of prosecutor-lawyers as tough and conservative and defense lawyers as righteous and always outraged prevail. With a square jaw and short silver hair, he wears tailored suits while his speech remains loose-limbed.

His office enraged the union in September when one of its officers was charged with first-degree murder for shooting an individual while they were doing wheelies on a dirt bike, after stopping and patting him down, feeling for any weapons in his pocket.

Daniel Krasner is an active proponent of Jewish education, serving as president of American Friends of Netanya College and board member for Bar-Ilan University and Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. Additionally, he donates to youth programs as well as speaking at parent education groups and clinical recovery advocates.

Net Worth

Daniel Krasner currently works as the Vice President of Business Development for Summit BHC and resides in Greater Atlanta area. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University and started his career at The Ranch at Dove Tree.

He handles complex litigation and class action matters on behalf of corporate clients and institutional investors such as public and labor pension funds, labor health and welfare benefit funds and private institutional investors. As one of Wolf Haldenstein’s founding members of its Investor Protection and Consumer Protection Practice Groups.

Progressive out-of-state billionaires such as George Soros of New York City provided Krasner with considerable backing in his reelection campaign, along with much support from Philadelphia residents, particularly union members and their families, as well as volunteers he had represented, Black Lives Matter leaders, former prisoners, etc. They knocked on thousands of doors for him!

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