Daniel Laundry

Daniel Laundry

Daniel Laundry serves as co-chief creative officer of Laundry Service alongside Matt Walton and oversees their creative teams across Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Portland and London.

An effective training program is crucial to the growth and sustainability of any laundry business. Communicating the intimate nature of laundry to staff is of utmost importance.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Laundry was raised in a lower-income Manhattan neighborhood. Although his family frequently relocated, Daniel took to loving his neighborhood and spending time with his grandparents. As a child he enjoyed playing with a puddle outside his house that he imagined was a pond; using it to build small towns out of it. Daniel also enjoyed drawing, which often resulted in trips to principal’s office for discipline issues.

Daniel laundry has earned himself an esteemed and successful business reputation over his extensive professional journey, from serving in the military, earning a graduate degree, founding an innovative tech startup and forging relationships with major brands such as Meta, Adobe, Nike and Google to many nonprofit organizations such as Girls Make Beats and Play Like A Girl.

Professional Career

Daniel began work as a line inspector at a poultry slaughter facility shortly after graduating high school, earning himself both a scholarship and free tuition for college as a result of his efforts.

As part of his effort and dedication, he also served as an assistant in his local church and took Advanced Placement classes in preparation for college. For all his hard work and effort he received numerous scholarships, awards, and honors.

Danny joined Laundry Service as creative director in 2017 and oversees brand partnerships and collaborations for clients such as Nike, Google, Amazon and General Electric. Together with Matt Walton he now co-chief creative officers of this agency with offices in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Portland and London; together their leadership has resulted in award-winning campaigns like activating Google Chrome at Formula 1 races in Austin and launching Smirnoff on TikTok for Jordan Brand.

Achievement and Honors

Danny serves as co-chief creative officer at Laundry Service, leading its creative team alongside Matt Walton. Their projects include advertising campaigns for Nike, Google Chrome and McLaren in F1, as well as special projects with Travis Scott, VLONE and COMME des GARONS.

Daniel sought to set his business apart by emphasizing friendliness, cleanliness and exceptional customer service. To do this he visited 20 laundry operations to learn best practices and gather inspiration. In his laundromat he ensured his staff kept machines tidy by regularly emptying coin vaults and leaving doors slightly open while signaling availability – an act he believed demonstrated high levels of customer care that set DJ apart. Daniel is survived by his mother Lisa Fitzthum and wife Sarah Roberts as well as their son Parker.

Personal Life

Daniel was able to build his successful laundromat business by researching, identifying and applying proven components of success found within laundromats. Furthermore, his military background helped leverage technology and automation.

Daniel struggles with Flexburger and exposes his penis to thousands of people on TikTok, yet still maintains an extensive caretaker network. Many approach him with hero complex in an attempt to remedy his mental health issues with just short conversations.

Heather, Lily and Jilles are some of the people closest to him. Heather in particular admires Jilles greatly and often spends time at the laundry together – giving both stability and an outlet to express themselves freely.

Net Worth

Daniel currently estimates his net worth to be approximately $2 Million, owns a luxurious home in Spain, drives a Mercedes, supports CrossFit (a fitness regimen), and acts as an ambassador for Nike.

He joined Laundry Service as creative director in 2017 after an extended brand role at Nike, leading collaborations and special projects with clients like Travis Scott, VLONE and COMME des GARCONS. His team won a Cannes Lions Integrated Grand Prix award for their work with Google Chrome & McLaren; furthermore they helped Jordan Brand launch their inaugural shoe drop on TikTok.

Sheets Laundry Club appeared on Shark Tank in 2022 and struck an agreement with Daniel, but the deal never closed. Their products went on to become part of over 200 Harris Teeter stores following their appearance.

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