Daniel Maida

Daniel Maida

Professional Career

Maida’s photography and video work has been shown at group and solo exhibitions nationwide and internationally since 2010. Her series New Natives was made between 2010 and 2015 in Hawaii with male-identifying aspiring models found through social media sourcing; its exploration explored identity, gender, sexuality and Hawaii’s unique culture and history.

Maida created Hot Shots as her MFA thesis short film. By deconstructing footage taken by her brother of two fraternity brothers at a college party, Hot Shots explored how intimacy develops among strangers under increasing intoxication levels.

Greg Kogut- Guitarist and Dan Maida- Vocalist join Mat Warner- Drums as well as Alex Shubert- Bass Player and Alex Risberg- Guitarist from Kid Dynamite fame to bring an amazing sound and save the day in this HD 720P recording!

Achievement and Honors

Maida was nominated for a Juno Award and won a Genie Award for Best Original Song with his composition “Liar”. Additionally, he self-produced Our Lady Peace’s seventh studio album Burn Burn, wrote for numerous films such as Century Hotel and Ithuteng and created its theme song for Canadian Idol 4. Additionally he co-wrote “Meant to Fly” from Cheyenne Kimball’s MTV reality show/album Look Closer (Complicit).

Former Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief for News Agency of Nigeria. Joined NAN as one of its pioneer editorial staff members in 1978; serving as Kaduna Regional Editor, Political Editor and London Bureau Chief until his death at age 70.

Personal Life

Maida currently resides in Toronto, Ontario with Chantal Kreviazuk whom he married in December 1999 and shares two children together: Rowan Michael and Lucca Jon. Maida is an enthusiastic supporter of War Child organization; had a small role in 2001 Canadian movie Century Hotel as well as writing the song Liar for People In Planes album Neverending White Lights album Neverending White Lights Neverending White Lights Neverending White Lights Neverending White Lights Neverending White Lights Neverending White Lights album Neverending White Lights album Neverending White Lights neverending White Lights album Neverending White Lights Neverending White Lights album Neverending White Lights; co-wrote/produced songs for Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson/Carson respectively and formed their foundation, Chantal Maida Music Fund to contribute towards charitable activities related to music education/arts/arts/arts/arts/education within Canada.

Net Worth

Maida is an avid philanthropist and is involved with multiple charities. He has worked closely with War Child, traveling and filming documentaries in Iraq, Darfur and Ethiopia for them. Additionally, he produced the charity album Help! : A Day in the Life as well as hosting a 2006 Mothers Against Drunk Driving video. In 1999 he married Canadian singer Chantal Kreviazuk with whom they now share three children together.

Maida released his full-length solo album, The Hunters Lullaby in 2007. He also performed celebrity impressions such as Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone on television shows. Additionally, Maida composed and produced songs for dance punk band Men, Women & Children as well as co-writing five tracks on Avril Lavigne’s 2004 album Under My Skin.

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